Master Bieber

Savannah and her best friend was taken walking home one night they were taken to a sex slave auction where Savannah was sold to a sexy,young, hot charming, rich Justin Bieber . At first it starts out a nightmare she didn't have any freedom she would beat and rape almost everyday but things started changing. How will this work out? (A lot of sex in almost every chapter)


5. Savannah Point of view


I cried and cried I couldn't breath, I couldn't walk, I couldn't even move but I can not stay on the floor of the bedroom forever and Bieber did tell me if I am not in bed by the time he get back from eating dinner I'm going to get another punishment. I got up very slowly and lay on my stomach since most of the hits were landed on my butt I don't know why he's always landing on the butt. Justin came back into the room threw off his shirt and crawled on the bed I turn my head the other way when Justin place his big hands in my head and by my hair Justin turned me face to face. Justin place me on my back crawled on top of me adding pressure on to my butt which is already in pain. Justin started kissing my neck trying to find that spot and when he did I accidentally let out a moan causing Justin to smirk I mentally slap myself. Before I knew it Justin have took off my underwear and slam into me very hard causing me to scream out in pain that shit hurts very much.


'' Ahhh stop please stop''. I screamed.


'' Shut up bitch the more you talk the harder that I slam into you''. Master Bieber growled.


Tears slid down my face as I let Justin finished me off and after it was finish Justin fell asleep and I went wash myself because I felt more dirty than usual. If I don't get out of here soon I'll die I mean I haven't ate since I got here, I haven't drank anything, and on top of everything I still don't know where Desi is yet and I and getting more worried than before. After my shower I put on one of Justin's big shirt, sweatpants, and went back into the room and lay down on the other end of the bed going right to sleep thinking of a plan to get out of here before I actually do die.


The next morning

I sat on my knees for three hour cleaning the kitchen floors by hand because Justin told me too and he also told me to wear something sexy and be at the door when he get home like he told me yesterday. After cleaning I checked the time to see Justin is on his way home so I ran upstairs seen the outfit Justin left me with but I just rolled my eyes and threw it on anyway it's just a red tight bodycon dress that have cuts on each of the sides, just above my knees, and show my chest to the point where my nipples might pop out. I heard the car pull up to the drive way so I ran out the room down the stairs to see the door started to slowly open so I just jump the last two steps and slide to the door just as it open revealing Justin.


'' Good girl you waited at the door like I said too''. Master Bieber smiled.


Justin kissed me and walked into the kitchen and once he did I let out a huge sigh of relief and walked into the kitchen as well because he called me in there to do something. I stood by Justin's side until he finished his dinner and once he did the maids got it while we went up to his bedroom to get ready for bed or so I thought. Justin threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck but before I got hurt or anything the phone ring causing me to sigh in relief because I am save by the ring tone. Justin growled and got off of me and went to the phone and once he answered he wasn't happy at all the way he yelled at the other person. 


J: Until than I am busy with something...... will call someone else over to do it........ Scooter I am not in the mood right now and I just relax...... Fine fine fine I'll go to the doctors first thing Monday morning but for now I'm going to go


Justin got off the phone and got back in the bed but he lay next to me this time I turn away from him but Justin just pulled me into his stomach and I just sigh because I have no escape and no choice of getting out this one. We just lay in bed until like 7 at night before Justin finally got up and threw another slutty dress at me making me go confuse because I don't know why he's making me put on the another dress for if I'm going to be in bed for the rest of the night. 


'' We are going to a party my friend Twist is throwing so behave''. Master Bieber ordered.

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