Master Bieber

Savannah and her best friend was taken walking home one night they were taken to a sex slave auction where Savannah was sold to a sexy,young, hot charming, rich Justin Bieber . At first it starts out a nightmare she didn't have any freedom she would beat and rape almost everyday but things started changing. How will this work out? (A lot of sex in almost every chapter)


3. Savannah Point of view

I woke up the next morning in horrible pain I couldn't move without screaming Bieber's body is laying right on top of me. His face is buried into the crock of my neck and his legs are on either side of mines his arms are holding on my waist very tightly. I look up at the ceiling praying to anybody to give me a sign I can get out of here. Bieber started moving in his sleep making me bit my Lip to stop me from whimpering or screaming out in pain. He looked at me with a lazy smirk on his face and I hate to admitted but he look so cute.


''Good morning sexy you may speak''. Master Bieber said.

'' Good morning Master Bieber''. I sigh not even looking at him. 

'' Go start the shower and be in it''. Master Bieber said.


I nodded waiting for him to roll off my body when he finally did some of the pain went away. I got up slowly taking slow step to the bathroom and when I got in there I couldn't believe how beautiful it is. There his and her sinks, the bath and shower are separate, the slid door for the shower is blurry but glass, the bath is shape in an oval and design in marble very beautiful. I went over to shower turning it to warm and got in letting the nice water run all over my body. My hair went all down in the middle of my back and my eyes are close letting this time I have alone not go waste. I felt his warm strong arms go around my waist making me want to cry, scream and hit because I can't stand him. Bieber hands found they're way to my butt so he squeeze and smack it until my butt was red and in pain.


''You have a fat ass bend over baby''. Master Bieber smirked gripping my ass very hard.


I didn't want too but I had no choice he's bigger, stronger, probably faster, and I'm pretty sure he could kill me without a second thought. I bend over my hands flatly my hair fell in front of my face water dripping at the tips. Bieber touch my butt moving his hands around from my butt to my back all the way down to my thighs and than back to my butt. Bieber pulled me back up again and kiss my neck trying to find my weak spot and when he did find it he started sucking and licking on it trying to get me to moan. 

I threw my head back letting out a small moan which made Bieber smirked and keep going. His fingers found their way to my clit and he started rubbing it really hard and fast which hurts but feel good at the same time. I felt Bieber shove his size inside me from the back again making me yelp in surprise and pain it hurts so very much. Bieber grabbed a hand full of my hair and started pulling it like I'm a fucking animal. I just wanted the pain to stop his cock is stretching me out and that hurts real bad. Bieber finally cum on my leg as tears ran down my face I couldn't move but I didn't want to stay in the same shower as this man so I found the little strength I had and stood up letting the tears go down my face.


''Now wash me''. Master Bieber ordered.


I nodded grabbing a rag putting soap on it and started washing his back than went around the front I wash his chest staring at it for a while still washing him and I finish with his abs not going anywhere near his cock. We got out the shower I had to wrap a towel him and he did the same thing to me but having a little fun with first. I sat on the make up table brushing my hair while Bieber picked my outfit and his outfit for work which made me do a little happy dance in my head.


''Get dress put straighten your hair and no make up than go down and get me a pop tart strawberry''. Master Bieber said turning away from me.


''Yes Master Bieber''. I said rolling my eyes.


I got up grabbed the clothes from him and I am about to go in the bathroom to change when Bieber grabbed my upper arm very tightly and pulled me back. I looked at him with a scared look I am terrified of this guy I just want to go home and find Desi to see if she's okay or even alive that would make me very happy.


''Get dress in here''. Master Bieber winked.


My breath got caught in my throat as those words left his mouth I have to get dress right in front of him are you fucking kidding me right now. I put on a lace pink thong and got dress into a black lace bandeau and rip black denim shorts. I straighten my hair and got Bieber his food like he wanted I went upstairs gave him his food and waited for him to tell me what to do next.


''I'm going to work now give me a kiss''. He ordered.


Bieber lean in and I didn't want too but I had too so I lean in as well and kiss him back about to pull away but he grab my hips and kiss me harder and rougher his tongue slip into my mouth stopping my breathing . Finally after what feel like hours he pulled away and gave me a wink grabbing his briefcase and went to the door I look out the window and watch his car disappear down the road and out of sight.

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