Master Bieber

Savannah and her best friend was taken walking home one night they were taken to a sex slave auction where Savannah was sold to a sexy,young, hot charming, rich Justin Bieber . At first it starts out a nightmare she didn't have any freedom she would beat and rape almost everyday but things started changing. How will this work out? (A lot of sex in almost every chapter)


2. Savannah Point of view

During the drive I must of fell asleep because when I woke up I was on a black couch and Bieber is sitting in front of me and I guess watching me sleep which is very creepy. I sat up and looked around the living room to it's clean and design in a nice way I have to say I thought a homemaker lives here. I looked at  Bieber to see him looking at his phone typing away. Finally Bieber looked up and smirk at me licking his lips looking me up and down basically eye raping me again. I look down at my hands playing with my nails as he continued to stare at me but I couldn't do anything about it expect look down and take the stare.


''Finally your awake it's been two hours you are a heavy sleeper anyways I have rules for you so listen carefully. 1. don't try to escape because I will catch you and if I do there will be hell to pay. 2. Don't talk back to me and my friends that would get you beat. 3. You give me pleasure and my friends pleasure whenever we want there's no or buts because what we say goes. 4. When I walked through that door everyday at seven I expect to see you dress in something sexy and ready to do anything for me. 5. You are not aloud to leave the house without me or anyone I trust. 6. I pick your outfits and everything else you do I don't care if you like it or not. 7. You aren't aloud to speak without permission. And 8.You follow every rule I told your or else I'll beat the shit out of you. Say yes Master I understand''. Master Bieber explained.


'' Yes Master I understand''. I sigh looking everywhere but to him. 


'' Your accent is sexy I can't wait to hear you scream my name''. Master Bieber winked biting his lips.


To be honest Bieber is very intimidating to me it's just something about his form and his eyes that just screams danger but also they also scream beautiful and hidden secret. I look down at my hands and trace my wrist where I have a tattoo it says Cadence I got during my Junior in high school. It's half sister name she died because her boyfriend beat her to death when I was 14 she was only 19 when she died. I remember Desi trying to get me out of bed after her death I had her cremated and I had her ashes sprinkled over the ocean that she loved to very much. I have another tattoo on my other wrist that have Bianca on it and it's my god sister name. She died two years after my sister but she die of a drunk driver accident she was the same age as Cadence when she died. We went to see my new bedroom which is also Bieber's room and I have to sleep with only my bra and thong which have to be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. Bieber lay on the bed studying my face again like it's a book and he's trying to read me but that would be hard because no one can read me.


'' Get on the bed lay on your stomach and put your ass in the air''. He ordered.


I hesitated but I got on the bed like he told me too I arch my back since I'm flexible my arms are out in front of me and my head is down but my ass is up just like he wanted to me. I felt a force go down my butt make me gasp and grabbed the sheets my teeth are tightly together trying not to scream and tears ran down my face ruining my make up but I don't care. Bieber got in front of me on the bed making sure I stay in my position and smirked at me. It's so hot but at the same time I want to slap the shit out of him so that damn thing can go away.


'' Did that hurt? you may speak''. Master Bieber said.


''Yes my butt hurts now''. I cried through my teeth.


'' Will babyboo get use to it because it will be happening a lot aw girl don't cry it doesn't help or stop me so wipe them and get under the covers''. Master Bieber winked.


I rolled my eyes without him looking and went to my side on the bed that is close to the big window with the beautiful view of a waterfall and the trees just so beautiful. I felt something poked my back I look under the cover to see Bieber have a boner and I have to say he have a massive dick and that scares the shit out of me more than it should because he's going to try and put that thing inside of me. I felt his warm big hands go up and down my thigh his fingertips dancing on my butt making me move around uncomfortable. He played with my thong before taking it off and pulling my back to his tone warm chest his boner is growing more and more making me more scared and nervous.

Before I can tell what was happening Bieber's cock went inside my asshole making me scream and cry out in pain because he went in dry, his cock is massive, and it's my first time with this shit. He pulled my face into his and kiss me roughly making me cry more and I tried to push him away and hitting him but he's too strong to push and he hit me back on my face knowing my face will have a by morning. I felt liquid go down my leg knowing he just came inside me made me sick and feel like a dirty whore. Bieber pulled me into his sweaty body and fell asleep light snores coming out his lips as he sleeps. I feel so dirty.

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