Master Bieber

Savannah and her best friend was taken walking home one night they were taken to a sex slave auction where Savannah was sold to a sexy,young, hot charming, rich Justin Bieber . At first it starts out a nightmare she didn't have any freedom she would beat and rape almost everyday but things started changing. How will this work out? (A lot of sex in almost every chapter)


1. Savannah Point of view




I walked through the old run down building with my best friend Desi as we went through a lot of guards getting check for things. We got to a dressing room where all of a sudden a group of women started pulling our clothes off and telling us to do different things I didn't understand. A tall woman threw a hot red bikini and lace black robe they let me do my own hair and make up so I just did the simple eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I took my hair out of the braid I had it in and left it wavy. A big black man came over to me and pulled me into a room filled with glass can see myself in each one seeing how slutty I look. I gasp in shock covering my mouth with my hand to stop me from screaming and crying I looked down at my bare feet as I can feel eyes on me.


'' Good evening everyone today we have sweet little Savannah Carmela Middlton she's 18 years old a high school graduate currently in college as a freshman born in West side of California and raised in Canada. She weights 104 pounds height is 5'3 mixed with Caucasian, African American, and  Southern. Have dark green eyes and dark brown hair mother is a drug whore and father is dead is an only child and worked as a part time stripper and a virgin. Let's start the bid at 1000''. The stranger voice explained.


7 lights came on and went back off the biding kept going up and up and up until there was two people left in the bidding it's between number 22 and number 23 . Come to think of it why does this man know so much about me did he get my record? and if so how? I mean isn't that kind of stuff top secret? will so much for a safe private life.


''Let's make it 9000''. The man said. 


Number 23 went off but number 22 didn't so I guess number 23 wins I hope he isn't a old, fat, greasy man who have sweat dipping down his face every time he walks. The same man from earlier came back into the room and dragged me out going to a door where it says 22 in lime green lights. The man knock three times before stepping back and waiting for the stranger they sold me too answer and after about 2 seconds the door open and out walks the most cutest and sexist white man I ever seen. He have dirty blonde hair, a nice tall buff body hair is spiked up and his eyes oh my goodness the most amazing and beautiful eyes I ever seen my whole life living. His nice pink lips turned into a smirk as he brought his lips between his teeth just checking me out. His eyes traveled my body going from head to toe basically eye raping me which is very uncomfortable because guys do this all the time.


'' Here you go Mr. Bieber''. The big guy said with no emotion.

'' Thanks now we must leave''. Mr. Bieber said.


Mr. Bieber grabbed my elbow and dragged me to I guess his car my feet are cold and wet from not wearing shoes and I beat they have cuts on them now but I just have to wait. I looked up for about a second when I seen Desi being pulled to a tall man's car she's screaming and begging to be let go. Desi seen me and started screaming my name begging for help but I shook my head no saying '' don't fight back'' but Desi continued to fight until the man had enough of her fighting and poked her with a needle making her pass out. I open my mouth to say something but I was mute I couldn't talk I am too scared.


'' Get in the car''. Mr. Bieber ordered.


I snapped my head towards him tearing my eyes away from the scene and got in the passenger side still looking out the same spot where they took my best and only friend. I leaned against the window watching the rain as tears ran down my rosy cheeks. I wiped my face not wanting to ruin my make up when I jump in surprise when I felt Mr. Bieber's hand on my thigh.


'' Look at me ( I turn my head towards him once more) I am your master now so for now on you call me Master Bieber your my sex slave so when I need pleasure you better give me what I wan when I want. I'll tell the rest of the rules when we get home so you might want to sleep trust me you'll need it''. Mr. Bieber explained.


Savannah Middlton

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