Master Bieber

Savannah and her best friend was taken walking home one night they were taken to a sex slave auction where Savannah was sold to a sexy,young, hot charming, rich Justin Bieber . At first it starts out a nightmare she didn't have any freedom she would beat and rape almost everyday but things started changing. How will this work out? (A lot of sex in almost every chapter)


4. Justin Point of view


I'm tired, Scooter won't stop yelling at to stay awake, and I just want to go home to my beautiful, sexy slave Savannah and just want to do what I did to her yesterday and this morning in the shower but I have something else planned I'm going to make her do something more of my pleasure. I took off my headphones when I heard that annoying loud echoing sound like someone taking a key and moving across iron. I glared at Scooter who just sat there smiling at me


'' Oops my bad''. Scooter smirked (note the sarcasm).

''Your an ass you know that right?' I asked crossing my arms together.

'' Love you two Bieber''. Scooter laughed.


I just rolled my eyes and put back on the headphones just wanting to go home I sang the song like Scooter wanted me to do in the first place and when he said I can leave for the day I flew out the booth like super. I am about to grab my stuff and leave when Twist one of my closet stop me from leaving out the door.


''So did you do it?' Twist asked walking with me to the car.

''Yes She's at home right now waiting for me so move so I can go''. I said walking around him but he wouldn't move.

''No way man I want to meet this sweet little honey where she from New York? dude is she foreign? is she a virgin? tell me something?' Twist asked.

''I'll explain on the way there I promise now get in before I change my mind''. I sighed getting into the car.


Twist laugh but got into the car anyways and I explained to him on the way there at the end he said that he is proud of me forgetting a African American girl I even showed him a picture of her and he nearly fell out the damn car.


'' Bro she is thick and sexy as fuck how do girl like that? want a guy like you? I mean I'm not judging you I don't do that but you can't handle all that woman give her to me''. Twist said going on and on

'' Whatever dude I can handle her don't you worry about it alright I know what I'm doing''. I laughed.

''Just let me smash her once? please come on''. Twist begged.

'' Alright you can hit that once but before you do make sure I fuck her first''. I smirked looking to the side of my eye at him.


Twist made a face and sat back in his seat looking at his phone while I continued to drive home which it's only about 15 minutes and she better be waiting for me like I say too. We got out the car and went inside to see Savannah sitting on the steps playing with her hair. Will at least she waited at the door like I told her too so that means I'm not going to punish her for that.


'' Damn she more Juicier in person''. Twist whispered/ shouted.

'' I know and she all mines Savannah come here''. I said.


She got up and walked over to me but kept her distance which I didn't like and pulled her up close to me making her shake in fear which made me very happy. Savannah looked down breathing very heavily waiting for me to say something about Twist or something.


'' Savannah this is my friend Twist and you will be pressuring him so listen to him''. I ordered.

''Y-yes Master''. Savannah stuttered looking down.

''You didn't tell me she is Southern''. Twist smiled petting my back.

'' Will now you know go upstairs not in my room like you did last time''. I smirked.

'' Alright''. Twist said grabbing Savannah and took her upstairs.


5 hours later

'' So how was it?' I asked getting up from the couch.

'' She bite me and called me little other than that she was good wouldn't stop screaming had to hit her''. Twist explained.

''Sorry man she not very nice''. I sighed.

'' That reminds Scooter wants you back at the studio tomorrow early than usual which make me think the hell did you do? that you got caught''. Twist said playfully glaring at me.

''This must be about me trying to have sex with his one of his assistant..... again''. I chuckled.

'' You are a idiot anyways I got to go my girl just called she wants me over her house ( *horn) there she is right now''. Twist said giving me a bro hug and left out the door.


I waved bye and went upstairs to see Savannah sitting on the stairs with her arms cross and looking down shaking her leg. I grabbed her by the upper arm and dragged her into our share bedroom and threw Savannah on to the bed causing her to hit her head on the bed side table but I didn't care I am seriously piss right now. I slapped her so hard it left a red mark on her left cheek. Once I heard Savannah's cries I knew I got my point across and that made me smile knowing this bitch is in a lot of pain. I decided that this punishment was not enough and went into another direction so with that I took off my belt and came towards her and all I can see in her eyes is fear which gave me pleasure.


'' Get naked and in the shower now you are about to get the punishment for disrespecting me and my friend''. I growled raising my hand up with the belt in it.


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