Dark Love

"I'm a demon" he says looking deep in my eyes with his dark black eyes


"My eyes go black when I'm scared or angry, I can hear the terrors of hell, I scare people just by looking at them"

"You don't have to be" I say putting my arms around his neck

"But I am, I'm cursed for life"

"You are who you want to be Michael, you don't have to scare people and you don't have to listen to Hell. Michael your only a beast if you want to be" He moves his head closer and we are forehead to forehead

His eyes go back green

"I want to be with you Michael" I whisper

Then, he kisses my lips, passionately



Michael POV

I watch her walk out of the room and I sigh

She's so beautiful, the most beautiful thing I ever seen

Is it possible she can be an angel?

I get up and watch her get eggs out and leave them by the stove, she then makes herself coffee

It's so funny watching her as the coffee pours in her cup, her eyes even light up

I guess she loves coffees

"Hey are you gonna keep standing there?" She says without even looking my way

I chuckle "Yeah, the view is nice"

She blushes "You're too much" she whispers

"Mind if I use the shower?" I ask

"Go ahead"

After the shower, I wrap the towel around me and bump into Jayla in the hallway

Her face turns pink and she points into the room

"I left some clothes, they were my brothers and I think they should fit"

"Thanks" I kiss her cheek and she turns even more pink

It was a gray long sleeve and black skinny jeans, I put them on and they fit good

I walked out and see Jayla, eating her food and see another plate

I walk over to her and she smiles

"You look nice" she says "I made you food" she says shyly

I smile "Thanks"

The rest of the morning, I get to know more and more about Jayla

She sings and plays guitar

She hates scary movies

She went through an emo stage

She loves reading and music and would rather have that then social media and TV

And her only friend has been Emma, they been friends for 6 years

She's amazing


"So Michael" she says slowly


"Are you sure you are okay? Will you and my family be okay?"

I sigh "Yeah your family will be okay"

"What about you?" She asks, her eyes filled with fear

"I...will be fine. I lived with his torture for 6 years now" Jayla is in danger as long as Kyle is around, I will keep her safe as long as I live

"I don't want you to get hurt, is there anything I can do?"

"No, there's nothing you can do" I state


"You can't do anything Jayla" I say sternly


"Jayla, you. are. a. MORTAL. You are a human! You are not a demon, a witch, a mad scientist, a vampire, werewolf or anything! If you try anything against Master or Kyle you will get killed! Or be tortured forever! Just let me do what I have to do and stay out of it!" I yell

She looks at me, stunned

Then she speaks

"Sorry" she says plainly

I sigh "Jay, I didn't mean to-"

"Well you did" she snaps

I shouldn't have yelled

"I have to go for a walk, fresh air" she gets up and grabs a jacket and puts on her shoes

"Okay" I say and she opens the door and walks out

I run my hands through my hair, what am I gonna do?

Why does this have to be so complicated?

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