Dark Love

"I'm a demon" he says looking deep in my eyes with his dark black eyes


"My eyes go black when I'm scared or angry, I can hear the terrors of hell, I scare people just by looking at them"

"You don't have to be" I say putting my arms around his neck

"But I am, I'm cursed for life"

"You are who you want to be Michael, you don't have to scare people and you don't have to listen to Hell. Michael your only a beast if you want to be" He moves his head closer and we are forehead to forehead

His eyes go back green

"I want to be with you Michael" I whisper

Then, he kisses my lips, passionately



Emma POV

I know that bitch is lying

I'm her bestfriend,so I just know

But I'll let this slide...

Mostly because she left me with a really hot guy

Calum turns to me smiling

I smile back "She's never been a good liar"

He raised an eyebrow "You can tell she was lying?"

"Of course! I'm her best friend"

"So are you mad at her?" He asks

"No...I'll let this one slide"


Damn he asks a lot of questions

I move closer to him

"She left me alone with a really cute guy"

He looked upset

He's so slow

But it's cute

Then, his eyes flicker and light up

Now he gets it

"Oh" he said

I look down blushing mad and he picks my head back up

"Would you go...on a date with me?"

I smile "Yes"

We switch numbers

"Where can I met you?"

"Er, tonight at 6, the park"

I smile "Great"

The bell rings telling us to leave and go to class

Jaylas POV

I need to find Michael

I walk to the dark alley and see he's not there

I go to the park and any dark place I can think of


I sigh and walk towards my house

Can't go back to school, I'll be in trouble for leaving

I'll just say I threw up and went home

Soon, a hand grabs me

Thinking it could be Michael, it wasn't

I backed up scared as I saw Kyle smirking at me

"Hey beautiful"

"D-don't touch me" I say backing up

My phone and rings and he takes it

"Ooo who's this?" He asked showing me the caller id

It's Emma

"None of your business" I snap

"She's hot, like way hotter than you" he said looking at her photo

Wow that really hurt

But he's right, Emma's gorgeous

I take my phone back "Where's Michael?"

"I was gonna ask the same thing" he says walking towards me

"Get away!" I hiss and walk off

"Maybe he just wants to get away from you, fat ass"

I feel tears running as he chased back to an alley, of course with a dead end

"Do you really think he cares?" Kyle asks chuckling

"H-he does" I say crossing my arms

"Pfft he doesn't care about you! He's a demon! And your what? A worthless piece of shit!" He sneers

The tears drop and I'm in the corner as he grabs my arms

"Where is he?" He asked in low scary voice

"I don't know" I sob and he smirks

"Don't cry little baby" he smirks

Michaels POV

"Pfft he doesn't care about you! He's a demon! And your what? A worthless piece of shit!" I hear someone sneer

It sounds like Kyle!

I look around the corner to see him pinning Jayla against the wall

He said something in low voice which caused her to cry saying "I don't know"

He mutters something else

I'm mad now!

He super speed over and hit hard on his head

He immediately falls unconscious and Jayla still looks terrified

She soon hugs me tight and I hug back

"Are you ok?" I ask

"I am now" she whispers

Why isn't she afraid? I'm the same as Kyle

No I'm not, he enjoys being a demon and it...well is like hell for me

I shouldn't have left her

"I'm sorry" I mutter

She releases me and looks at me confused

"Why are you sorry?" She asks

"I shouldn't have left you, I should have known Kyle would come after you when I'm not around"

She smiles "I forgive you, it's not your fault"

Jaylas POV

I remembered Luke wanted to see me

I sigh and look in Michaels eyes

"I have to go see Luke" I say and he takes my hand

"Let's go then"

He walks me into a different alley right next to Ashton's apartment

In the the alley, then was a door and Michael opened it

A bit confused, I walked in after him

I see Ashton and he smiles at us

"Good your here, Luke is on mad scientist mode" Ashton days looking upstairs

I hear things being thrown around

"Uh oh" says Michael as he takes me upstairs

"So Luke is a mad scientist?" I ask

"Yeah, a good one" he replies

We walk into a room and we see Luke throwing a chair

"WHOA DUDE! Calm down!" I hear Michael yell

Luke pulls his hair and groans

"IT DOESNT SAY! THIS IS USELESS!" He yells sitting in a chair his head down

He doesn't dress like a scientist, he wear black skinny jeans and leather jackets

"What's going on?" I ask and Luke looks at me

"Oh your here, there is no answer!"

I walk over to him "An answer for what?"

He groans "They say only the true love of a demon can break a demon spell! And-"

"Wait what?" Say Michael "True Love?"

"Yes Mike, she's your true love" Luke answers

Michael stares at me and I shift a little uncomfortable

Is he mad?

"As I was saying, I doesn't say HOW she can break a spell!" Luke exclaims before getting up and throwing a glass cup at the wall and it shatters to pieces

"Whoa! Luke take a break" I say and he sits down

"Sorry" he mutters

"Now, maybe-" Luke interrupts me

"Wait!" He looks through his books

"Maybe the only one who knows is the one who did the spell!" He exclaims

Michael tenses "So my master knows?"

"Yes" Luke answers

"Will this is just fucking great" Michael groans "Like he'll ever tell me"

Luke sighs "Unless there's another mad scientist in town who did a demon spell, we'll have to find out from him"

Ashton comes up "Where's Calum?"

"With his soul mate" I say smiling

"Emma? Well go Cal" he says

"Can I talk to you?" Whispers Michael

I nod "sure"

I follow him back down the stairs and he looks in my eyes

"Why didn't you tell me...you were my true love?" He asks

I look down "I...I didn't know how'd you react"

He picks my head up "Do you like me?" He asks

"Yes, a lot" I admit

Damn he looks hot in this lighting

Before I can say anything else, he softly presses his lips on mine

I kiss back and our lips move in sync

We soon pull back and look in each other's eyes

"Me too" he says

I blush slightly and he kisses me again, a bit more passionate

"Ah hem"

I look to see Ashton and Luke smirking at us

"Uh" Michael scratches the back of his neck

"Right, anyways we're gonna go find Calum and Emma. Wanna come?"

"Sure" I answer

Emma's POV

I'm at my house getting ready for my date with Calum

I was super nervous, my hands were sharking a little as I added mascara

"Shit" I moaned as swiped it across my nose

I wipe it off and look over my outfit

He said casual so I have my favorite long sleeve with a pair of my favorite jeans and converse

I look nice

Then I hear someone come in downstairs



I walk downstairs to see Jayla...and a cute boy with curly hair

"Uh who's this?" I ask

"Oh that's Ashton, he's a friend of Calum's" she answers

"Hey, your Emma right?" He asks extending a hand

I shake it "Yeah I am"

"So you and Calum" he says smiling

"Yeah" I look down blushing

"It's good that hes finally taking to you, ever sense he found out you were his so-" Jayla elbows him in the ribs and whispers in his ear

He bites his lip and gives her an apologetic look

What's going on?

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