Dark Love

"I'm a demon" he says looking deep in my eyes with his dark black eyes


"My eyes go black when I'm scared or angry, I can hear the terrors of hell, I scare people just by looking at them"

"You don't have to be" I say putting my arms around his neck

"But I am, I'm cursed for life"

"You are who you want to be Michael, you don't have to scare people and you don't have to listen to Hell. Michael your only a beast if you want to be" He moves his head closer and we are forehead to forehead

His eyes go back green

"I want to be with you Michael" I whisper

Then, he kisses my lips, passionately


10. Well aren't you an angel?



Hey I'm back! Hope you are enjoying this book! Guys thanks for over 800 reads on a new life! That is so amazing thank you guys! anyways lets get started


Michaels POV


"You swear?" I told Master what his brother said and he's not very happy


"I guess Hell changed him, making him think" I answer and he looks at me funny




"No smart comeback? No nasty atitude or disrespect? What happened?"

What? I'm still the same! But...oh no Jayla is changing me! If Master finds out about her he will hurt her. I shake my head

"Nothing can I leave" Trying my best to deepen my voice and sound annoyed. It worked and I ran off but I was stopped.


"Kyle what now?" He chuckles and takes out the picture of Jayla's family


"They seem like good people don't they?" 


"I swear you better not touch them! I did what I was told so you can leave them alone!" I snap and he grins


"You know, she can get really hurt if Master finds out..." he says circling me. I feel like a wounded animal and he is a lion. But I growl at him


"If you do I will kill you, if it's the last thing I do" 


"Well aren't you an angel?" he grins before disappearing


Damn it, I walk off into the street and shove my hands in my pockets. Why does hell want me and not Kyle? He actually enjoys being a demon.

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