Dark Love

"I'm a demon" he says looking deep in my eyes with his dark black eyes


"My eyes go black when I'm scared or angry, I can hear the terrors of hell, I scare people just by looking at them"

"You don't have to be" I say putting my arms around his neck

"But I am, I'm cursed for life"

"You are who you want to be Michael, you don't have to scare people and you don't have to listen to Hell. Michael your only a beast if you want to be" He moves his head closer and we are forehead to forehead

His eyes go back green

"I want to be with you Michael" I whisper

Then, he kisses my lips, passionately


1. New chapter

"Hey Jayla!" My friend Emma runs up to me

"Hey! What you get in that Math test?"

She groans "80%"

I laugh at her "That's not bad"

"It's is!" She yells causing some heads to turn our way

"Nerd" I say teasingly

" Whatevs let's just go to lunch"

As we walk to the cafeteria, I see a boy with white and black hair pushing a freshman against the wall

"I'm going to ask you one more time!" He growls

"I'm sorry! I don't have it!" The poor boy says

"HEY!" I yell and he turns to me

"What the hell are you doing?" Emma whispers to me

I ignore her and get between him and the freshman

His green eyes turn black

The boy behind me gasps but I didn't make a sound

I was freaked out, but I wasn't scared

"Leave him alone" I say and he stays where he is

He let's him go and the boy runs off

"Thank you" I say and walk the other direction

"Don't tell me what to do ever again" I hear him growl

I turn my heel and stare at him "Don't bother anyone else and I won't"

He stares back, his eyes go back green and he walks off

Just wanted to tell you who's who

Jayla: Me

Emma: Bethany Mota

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