Dark Love

"I'm a demon" he says looking deep in my eyes with his dark black eyes


"My eyes go black when I'm scared or angry, I can hear the terrors of hell, I scare people just by looking at them"

"You don't have to be" I say putting my arms around his neck

"But I am, I'm cursed for life"

"You are who you want to be Michael, you don't have to scare people and you don't have to listen to Hell. Michael your only a beast if you want to be" He moves his head closer and we are forehead to forehead

His eyes go back green

"I want to be with you Michael" I whisper

Then, he kisses my lips, passionately


13. He's an angel

Jayla's POV

I woke up and I knew I was in bed with someone. I turned to see Michael sleeping like a kitten, he had clothes on so we didn't do anything. Thank God

It's Saturday so I went back to sleep



I wake up with some ones arms wrapped around my waist, Michael. I tried to get out of the bed, tried

Michael pulled me back in and I giggle 

"Are you gonna trap me here?" he moans tiredly and kisses my head lightly

"Few more minutes" he says and we fall back asleep


We woke up by the alarm and I frown. I turn it off and I roll over to see beautiful green eyes

"Hi" I squeak and he smiles

"Hey" his voice was deep and sexy

"I'm hungry" I whine and he chuckles 

I again tried to get out of bed but his arms were wrapped around me and he pulled me back in

"Michael!" I giggle as he kisses my neck

Then, he starts to tickle me and I laugh some more

He doesn't seem like a demon, to me he's an angel

When I'm with him I feel like nothing can hurt me, he could protect me 

I feel like I been with him for years when really its been almost 3 days

Dang we moved to like third base fast

I finally got out of bed and realized I'm still in a tank top and my panties, whatever

I walk over to the other side of my room and slide on some work out shorts

Michael watches me and I giggle

"Enjoying the view?" I ask putting one hand on my hip

He smirks and I laugh walking out of the room to get me some food


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