Hunted or be hunted

Spencer has been living in London for her whole life. There's been reports of people gone missing, she doesn't want to be next.


5. our past

I sat there only bed thinking.

Michael flashbacks kept coming

We were in front of a bottle

"Your turn to spin the bottle Michael" this boy said

He spines the bottle it landed on me

He leaned in a kissed me.

I liked it

End of flash back

Michael came in

"Why are you blushing" he asked

"Oh no reason" I said overlong my face

"There is tellll me" he asked

"Fine when we were 17 we kissed and I liked it" I said looking away

"Well let's see if still enjoy it" he leaned in our lips were so close

Then Ashton walked in we moved away quickly

"There here" He said simply

This is so short sorry

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