Hunted or be hunted

Spencer has been living in London for her whole life. There's been reports of people gone missing, she doesn't want to be next.


2. fathers death

I woke up in a basement 4 boys walked towards me. The blond hair boy from earlier was next to me but dead. The 4 boys looked at me. There was one with blond hair with white angel wings, there was one with red hair and black angel with, one with black a hair who was really fit, the last one had brownish hair and red eyes.

"W-where am I" I said

"At our house the boy next to tried killing you" the blond hair boy said

"And why do u two have angel wings" I asked them

"We'll because I'm a fallen angel and he's a angel" the red hair boy said

I say there in shock

"We'll I'm Luke" the blond boy said

"I'm Ashton" the brownish hair boy said

"And I'm a vampire" he finished

"I'm Michael" the red hair boy said

"And I calum and I'm a werewolf" he said

I sat there almost crying this can't be happening

Then I blacked out


Blood so much blood.

"Daddy I'm sorry" I said

"Sorry won't cut it" he said

His eye turned red and fangs came

Then all stopped he lied in the floor dead.... Blood so much blood.

End of flash back

I woke up in a bed. I looked around shit there's dirt all over my clothes. Ugh.

I walked down the stairs there was a bag filled with clothes. That's says for spencer. How do they know my name. Then I heard a noise come from the kitchen I walked over to the noise it was Michael his shirt was off and he yawed I couldn't help but stare

"Like what you see" he said smirking

"Um um no" I said blushing

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