Hunted or be hunted

Spencer has been living in London for her whole life. There's been reports of people gone missing, she doesn't want to be next.


3. Fallen angel

I walked in to the room. Then It all went black last thing I saw was Michael.


I walked around outside with my bestfriend he had perfect blond hair and a tattoo. He wore muscle ts

"Be careful" I said to him as he walked in the street getting the ball he was kicking

"I will be Spencer" he said then I truck came

Flashback over

I woke up on the couch Michael sitting next to me.

"Are you okay" he said

Hugged him and started to cry the boy in my flashback was Michael

"I-I'm sorry I-I should have pushed u out the way" I said

"Shhh it's okay" he said

Then window broke.

4 boys jumped though

"So u killed Niall" this kinda tall man said he had tattoos

"He tried killing her" Michael said back

"So what Niall was a vampire just like Ashton" another boy said

"Zayan I'm sorry" Michael

"Sorry won't count it" zayan said he turn into a werewolf

Michael wings appeared he protected me zayan bite Michaels arm Michael fell to the ground

"Let's go Liam a Louis" they left

"MICHAEL" the other boys ran into the room blood was all over the floor

"I can heal him" Luke said his wing grew and there was a bright light around michaels arm when it stopped the note was gone

The boys left but Michael

"Are you okay" I said

"Yes" he said

"Spencer I like u a lot we been best friends since birth" he said

"I like u too" I said kissing him he kissed back

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