Hunted or be hunted

Spencer has been living in London for her whole life. There's been reports of people gone missing, she doesn't want to be next.


4. Burn

I sat on my bed thinking. Every time I black out I remember more That I forgot like my father being a vampire. Michael being my best friend. I miss my mom I really do when I was 3 something happen to her but I don't know what.

Then Michael walked in

"Hey spencer" he said

"Hi Mikey" I said

"Are you okay" he said

"Yes I am I'm just happy that I found out your my best friend" I said

"Me too" he said he walked over and hugged me

Luke walked in and Michael thanked him for healing them.

Then my started getting hot like it was burning the it had flashes

My mom was cooking and the stove caught fire along with her my father sat there watching not caring I ran to her but my dad caught me she died In front of me.

I woke crying my eyes out my body my hot and Michael and Luke were hugging me

"Shhh it's okay your here your safe" Michael said in my ear


Do you guys like this or no? It's okay if u don't if U have ideas tell me? Love ya penguins ~ Isabella

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