Hunted or be hunted

Spencer has been living in London for her whole life. There's been reports of people gone missing, she doesn't want to be next.


1. 2 types if people

There are 2 types if people in this world the one who are hunted and the ones who hunt that's the problem London is facing. People go messing and get killed the same way over and over again.

"Come one lets go out" ari said

"Fine" I said giving in

*time skip*

Ari left the bar with this blond hair cutie and i was left in the bar by myself so I went outside. When I got out said I heard gasping for air I went down the dark Ally way. The blond hair boy had blood tuning out of his mouth. I looked on the ground a Ari was there her lifeless body there bloodless then it went black.

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