Emma's Story

For anyone who asks i know emma's the only one who isn't adopted but this is fanfiction, not reality


1. Emma's Story

Emma's POV:

So my mom passed away about a month ago. My dad took it really badly. He used to come home really drunk then one day...

Dad walked in the front door, drunk as usual, but this time he looked worse than he usually did. He stumbled through the hall. He saw me standing there. I said "hey Dad" but he did not respond. He began walking towards me. He was saying things like "You know Emma you look an awful lot like your mother. You have her eyes. Her face. Even her hair."

I said to him "uh Dad are you alright?"

He replied "yes dear I'm great just great"

He got closer and closer. Then suddenly he had his hands on me. He started feeling around my body. I pushed him off of me but he came back. This time he punched me, saying that "dear what have I taught you? We don't push daddy"

I said to him "yes daddy but you're really scaring me right now"

"Emma dear I just need someone to love me like your mother did"

He advanced on me again but this time.. I ran. I ran around the house with him following close behind. I ran into my room and closed the door. Dad had removed the locks when mom passed away. He had said that he didn't want me leaving him like her mom did.

Now I saw his point. But what could I do. I pushed the door closed and pushed myself against it with as much force as I could. He punched through the door and I screamed and jumped away. At that point he just pushed the door open.

I screamed again but it was no use. There was nobody to hear me. He came towards me again. The last thing I remember is the feeling of his hands on me and then...

I woke up a few hours later and checked the time

"Damn 3:08"

I got off the bed but my legs felt so weak I almost collapsed. I held onto the wall for support. I then realised what had happened.

"Oh Dad you wouldn't, would you?"

But I knew it was true. He had done the unspeakable. He had raped his own daughter.

"I have to get out of here, like now!"

I walked to the door and looked across the hallway. I noticed my dad sleeping soundly in his own bed.

"Typical man!" I thought to myself

I crept downstairs, making sure not to make a sound. Despite how bad I felt at the minute I knew I had to push on. I couldn't let it happen again.

I tried the front door.

Locked I thought to myself

Then I remember Dad always kept a spare key under the the doormat. I pulled it out from under there, unlocked the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind me as quietly as I could. I then walked away. I had to get to a hospital first. Anything else could come later.

After the visit to the hospital, I made a trip to the police station to file a report.

They ended up deciding to put me up for adoption. Then one day a call came saying that they had found me a family. The other kids had been adopted too. Thats when I knew things were going to start looking up. I could start living my life again.

That was when I met Luke and Ravi. They were, without a doubt, very supportive after I had told them how I had ended up there. Now I have a loving family. And I can put my past behind me.

A couple of weeks later I was informed that they had had a trial and my dad had gone to jail. He couldn't hurt me now. Everything was going to be fine.

A/N: Let me know if you guys like this story. Or don't. I really don't care at this point. I've done my part...

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