Arkan - Da

Thy was a king like no other, brave kind generous
A king long forgotten.....
Was a king like no other this is a ballad on that king.......

And if you are wondering what is a ballad then a
ballad is a poem that tells a story..........


1. Wolf King Nardo....

Up stood the Wolf King Nardo,

Bravest of his kin and kindest,

Savage hunter shod with silence,

Fare less singer in the moon-light,

Standing high so all cold here him

On the peeks of Idrom Uakin,

To the snow hare and the eagle,

To the elk and fleet-foot zanink,

To the horse herds sadly waning

To the moose herds weakly starving,

Spoke then with a voice of thunder:

"I will journey for our hardships

To the fortress of the Ice King,

To the mountains of the Tarukuch

Where he rules in his dark place.

I will seek the season changing,

Winter dark to silver springtime,

Hammer hail to gentle summer,

Of all the creatures I am swiftest,

Of all the fighters the most deadly,

I fair not death nor what comes after.

I will take this task upon me."





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