Accidental Star

Ella lives basically alone. The only way she keeps herself alive and healthy is singing. She lives in Washington D.C. when MattyB visits. She's singing on the street when he passes by. What will he say?


3. The New Girl

Ella's P.O.V.

We landed in Georgia two days ago on Friday. Matty's mom and I went shopping yesterday. Today, we're going to church and then just hanging out. I feel like I'm a part of their family now. After church, Matty and I were just playing games on Xbox. We must've been playing for a long time, because we started playing at 11:00 and Matty's mom called us for dinner at 6:00. She made really good food. We had pasta with meatballs and marinara sauce. Sara's really grown on me too.  I feel like we're sisters. Matty woke me up at what must've been 6:00. Man, school starts early here. I ate breakfast and then got dressed. I wore a skater dress that was grey and had white flowers on it. It showed most of my back, but I really didn't care. I wore a grey and white flannel around my waist. I wore some white converse I got for my birthday last year. As for my hair, I just put it into a messy bun.(Ella's hair is black but dip-dyed blonde) I put a coat of mascara on and some eyeliner. I walked into the kitchen and saw Matty waiting for me. "Nice hair,"he said, smirking. I hit him. "Mom! Ella hit me!" "Oh whatever, you big baby. Get over it."I said laughing. "Yeah yeah, come on let's get to school!"he said grabbing my hand and dragging me down to the bus stop. The bus came and Matty and I walked on. I sat next to Matty in a seat on the back of the bus. "Hey Matty, who's your friend,"one of his friends said. "Oh guys, this is Ella,"he said smiling. "Hi Ella,"all of them said. "Hi,"I said, nervously waving. 

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