Accidental Star

Ella lives basically alone. The only way she keeps herself alive and healthy is singing. She lives in Washington D.C. when MattyB visits. She's singing on the street when he passes by. What will he say?


2. The Beginning Of A Great Love Story

Matty's P.O.V.

She's an amazing singer. "Wow, you're really good,"I said. "Thank you,"she said, blushing. The rest of my family came up to us. "Matty you should have Ella sing with you in a music video,"my sister said. "Yeah, your voices would go great together,"my dad said. "Honey, where's your parents,"my mom asked. Ella's eyes filled with tears. "My parents died in Hawaii and my brother left for the Army and died,"she said. "So you live here alone?"my sister asked. She nodded. "It's okay do you want to live with us,"my dad asked. "I couldn't impose,"she said. "It's fine, you wouldn't be,"Mom said, smiling. "Okay then, I guess I'll come with you guys,"Ella said a little happier. "Yay!"Sara said. I'm soooo happy and excited. I mean, when I first saw her I was having a horrible day. After she sang, my day got better. Ella went to go pack and then met us at our hotel. The next day, we left for Georgia. I woke Ella up at 4:00. "Ella wake up,"I said, shaking her shoulders. "What? I'm up I'm up,"she said, still in that sleepy daze. I just laughed. "Okay then, we leave in 15 minutes,"I said smirking, sitting on the side of her bed. "What!?"she said jumping out of her bed. "Matty why didn't you tell me earlier?" "Because you looked peaceful,"I said smiling. "Yeah yeah, you're just lucky I get ready quick,"she said, throwing a pillow at me. 

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