Hey guys so I am in creative writing and we have many fun activities, including getting the chance to write short storys and poems so in thes book is my Stuff that I wrote. Note some of these arent finished and to finish them I need you to comment and I may finish them here or in a full length novel also there are some that are as you read going into a full story.


2. The Night It Happened

She woke up in the passenger seat of her car. Her friend who had been driving wasn’t there neither were the keys. The car was parked outside of a hotel. The hotel was tall and looked older.It gave a sinester vibe and was very ominous. The sign was burnt out and  along with the sign the windows were shattered and bricks chipped. The hotel was a mess. She wasn’t to keen on getting out and going in the hotel.She sat for a while before gaining any courage to go into the hotel. She called out for her friend but nobody answered. She looked at the check in desk and saw a note and a key. The note read.  


           Dear Nyx 

                 You cant escape so please relax. You will fing the room this key belongs to will be memorable 

            Enjoy your stay

She picked up the key and where the room number should have been there were NRP Nix’s initials. She dropped the key and sprinted to the doors. Suddenly the doors slammed shut in front of Nix. She slammed into the door and yanked on the door. She saw the windows and slammed on the glass, it wasn't breaking. She grabbed a potted plant and slammed it against the window. A crash was heard and through her teary eyes Nix saw that the potted plant was what broke. She sat down and started panicking.

“What if I can't get out?” She thought

She got up and walked to the key. She looked at it and started wandering around the hotel.Trying all the doors she could, she started thinking that she should give up when she found a lock that fit her key. The door had lettering on it that said Nix Rebel Pennylow. The letters were faded and ruined, like her room when she was thirteen.. She opened the door and found the room she knew all too well. She recognized it as the same room from her childhood. Slamming the door shut she slid down to the floor.

“Nix, is. Is it really you?” She heard. Snapping her head up she saw her brother. She got up and just hugged him.

“Danny? What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I have been here for a while, why are you here?” He asked.

“I don’t know I woke up in my car and I was outside and then I came in here and I don't know I don't get how my bedroom could be here and I’m scared. Danny I am scared and I can’t find Lizzy, and I don't get what is going on. How did I get here.” She rambled on. Her brother took the key and walked into her room. Going to her closet and grabbing a black dress.

“Here put this on, you still like dancing don't you?” He looked at her with his smirk he gave people when something fun was going to happen.

She nodded and he went outside. It took her a while to get dressed because she let it settle in that her room from when she was thirteen was right in front of her. it also crossed her mind that her brother, who was thought to be dead is alive and looks young still, even after three years. Once she changed she explored her room more. She saw her old pictures and her old stuff. She found the ‘secret panel’ in her wall. Reaching in, she grabbed out the journal. Reading to see how far along in her life she was. Her brother knocked on the door again and scared her. Just like when she was younger she quickly hid the panel and ran to the door.

“Sorry.” She murmured.

“It’s fine, have you found out where we are yet?” Her brother asked.

“No, I apparently forgot why I am here. Do you know why I am here?” She asked. her brother didn't respond but he pulled her through the hallways. She heard music in the distance and stopped. She knew the tune as something from old movies she would watch.

When they entered the ballroom everyone was dancing. She couldn't believe her eyes, all of the pretty dresses spinning around. She could feel something was off. Despite her terrible feeling she danced on. At the peak of the evening she heard a bell and everyone rushed by her, Danny disappeared and she felt scared and alone again. Then she saw a dark figure dressed in a black suit. The man had a pale complexion and dark black hair he looked straight at Nix. He then looked at her with wise and old eyes. She wasn't fazed by the man, she was slightly unsettled but not so unsettled she wanted to run. She saw a girl a lot like her on the stage.

“Tonight we welcome another young guest to dance the dance of death and join us. She like all of you see how she came to be like us, the people of spirit and mind. Her friend has not yet joined us down here but soon we shall welcome her to this world.” I turned to see if anyone else could understand him and I realized the groups of two weren’t two, but the same people. I found my brother and his ‘pair’ A shrill scream pierced the soundless air. It took me moments to realize the scream was mine. My brother’s pair was a child. The same age as he had been when he died. His bloody mangled corpse had kind eyes and she collapsed, gasping for air as she released her brother wasn't alive. She didn't understand what was going on. She ran to the door to be stopped by the corpses. She started screaming,

“I’m not dead, I am not dead, this is all a dream, Let me go I am alive.” Her tears were rushing down her face and she tried to get out of the grasp of the people.  She was thrown down onto the floor and an arm came down gently on her shoulder. She felt the warmth of blood on the corpse that was touching her and the coldness of the dead flesh. She just sat there crying until the voice returned on the loudspeaker.

“Don’t worry, Child. We all end up here eventually. One day we will all end up somewhere like here. The more you spend time dwelling on the idea of how you have ended up here the more you will not know it is better if you just learn to accept what has happened. You will never move on to the final stages if you keep living in the past.” Nix got up and stared at the man.

“Where am I, I know I have and never will ask for forgiveness from the lord so where am I, Hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Where am I? Who are you anyways, your wise, but I can sense an eerie cruelness, your kind but, I, I can't believe it” I said, and sat there staring at him.

“Would you like to see what happened?” He asked and Nix simply nodded. Her double approached her slowly and grabbed her hand.

In an instant we were a scene of a car wreck, my car. There was another car and the driver was bloody and on the ground, the paramedics were working hard to try and revive him. I was alone other than the living. Nobody could see or hear me.

    “We have another one!” A lady yelled on the driver’s side of my car. I dashed over to that side and saw Lizzy. She was bloody, crying and yelling.

“Nix, Nix is still in there, get Nix out. Nix.” Lizzy kept repeating my name over and over again. I tried to run to her but wasn't moving. They then pulled out her body, she had glassy eyes and looked peaceful. She was staring at herself and couldn't say anything. Cuts lined her body they were no longer bleeding. The girl laying in front of her couldn't be her. She looked so broken. Nix dropped to the ground and just looked at her. She wished she could get closer but knew she couldn’t.

“I want to go back!” Nix screamed. Soon she was back at the hotel and she just sat there.

“Nix?” She heard in the back of her mind. Lizzy, the normal Lizzy walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Wake up you lazy head, we’re almost there.”

Nix looked at Lizzy with a strange look. Lizzy was talking as if they were just driving, Nix looked in her eyes and saw herself sleeping and the road shining back through Lizzy’s eyes.

“How, we’re dead we, died in a crash. Lizzy we are dead.” She said crying.

It was as if Lizzy didn't hear Nix, because she continued to try and wake up Nix. Nix stood up and looked around her. Everyone started fading and disappearing. Last thing she saw was the mysterious man. He waved and spoke only a few words.

“Good luck Nix, see you very soon. I am sorry.”

“What?” She screamed. She was too late. She woke in the car.

“What is with you Nix, you’re so jumpy.” Lizzy said.

“I’m not dead. Oh My Goodness, I’m alive.” Nix cried out.

“Ok, anyways we are only a few miles until our destination. So I thought we could turn off and get something to eat.” Lizzy said turning lanes.

“Sure. Nix said still remembering the dream. She settled into her seat again. Soon she heard a screech of tires. Her friend screamed and Nix was calm, the moment seemed to pass in slow motion. She didn't understand why but she was calm. She looked at the car about to hit her and Lizzy. She saw the man from her dream. He tried to get out of the way. Making the full impact on Nix. She wasn't scared or worried, she was calm.

She looked over to Lizzy with regret. With a sickening crunch both cars collided. Nix could feel the glass and metal pierced her skin and cut into her muscles. She didn't feel much pain, only the sensation of her soul leaving her body. Before her body could black out she heard Lizzy calling 911 and screaming in pain and fear. Once she knew her body couldn't hold on any longer she looked over at another familiar figure. Dressed in a black suit and holding out his hand as if he wasn’t greeting a fresh soul but an old friend.

“Welcome back Nix, Welcome back.”

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