Hey guys so I am in creative writing and we have many fun activities, including getting the chance to write short storys and poems so in thes book is my Stuff that I wrote. Note some of these arent finished and to finish them I need you to comment and I may finish them here or in a full length novel also there are some that are as you read going into a full story.


4. Shh

As the nights grew longer the breath of the living die down. Most kids don't like the graveyard in the little town of Mystery. I have personally not cared either way I would be stuck and I would have to live here with my family. We moved here to get away from the city, a bit cliche if you ask me but what can I say, my family is special. My mother, the old bat, she swears on her life she can see into the future, my dad thinks he can see into the past. That was how they met. My mother said she saw the future and knew where to meet him. My dad said, she remembered from somewhere in his past a story about her and how she meet someone at the cafe that had been opened forever and would most likely never close, because they met they thought it was fate or something. So fifteen years ago they made me. and three years later had my brother. My parents think that we will be special, the only special thing about us is we haven’t sent them to the looney bin.

    My Uncle has been trying to get custody for us for years, claiming his sister is ‘unfit for raising kids’ The truth is anyone in my family is unfit. They are all like my mother and father Loons!

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