Hey guys so I am in creative writing and we have many fun activities, including getting the chance to write short storys and poems so in thes book is my Stuff that I wrote. Note some of these arent finished and to finish them I need you to comment and I may finish them here or in a full length novel also there are some that are as you read going into a full story.


6. Poetry

Advice From a Razor”

By Zombie Girl


Little girl by the window so cold

Isn't waiting getting old

Mama ain't coming home

Her location is unknown

The girls life is at an all time low

No one but I will know

Little girl reading by the pale moon light

Reading of the horrors of the night

The man never loved you

Everyone knew

Your broken heart may be hard to mend

Even with your little friend

Little girl keep your hope

You can't just sit and mope

Throw me away let the scars fade

Who cares if the man doesn't love you he just needs to get a clue

Do yourself a favor

Don't wait for your prince to be your savior

You are a shining star

You just need to find who you are

Little girl happy as can be

Please don't forget me



This poem is about society and how unexpecting it is. The little girl represents an innocent factor in a persons life. Her looking out the window is her looking out at society and seeing just how wrong it is. The next line about wIting is saying isn't waiting and trying to fit in getting boring  and  played out. The lines about mama is saying how the kid doesn't have a role model and never will have one. The next lines are about the narrator And it's stand point. 'The Man' is society is the term 'the man' refers to a boss or someone higher up in work, religion, or in my case society. And society a lot of time excludes things that are to 'different'. The next few lines are about self harm the 'little friend is referring to a knife, razor, or different form of self harm. The ending lines are about moving on and getting help and advice. The narrator is one of the blades and is telling the kid you don't need me! You are special. And even though you move on it doesn't mean forget your past. Your past helps prevent making mistakes in the future.



By Zombie Girl

I am as silent like a lamb

I am loud like a lion

I am forceful like a tiger

But you'll never hear my sound

My curse is like a poison

My impact is like a war



This poem is about Depression. It being silent and and loud is the type of impact it had. It can not show on some people hence the silent and it can be huge on others hence the being loud. THE line about the curse and poison is saying how a lot of times depression lasts a while and it can come in stages or all at once. Poisons are all different just like depression. Poison can hurt you in stages or in a fast quick motion. The impact being like war is because war is tragic and so is depression.


The Cycle

By Zombie Girl


If happiness is like heaven

Then is sadness like hell

If love will bring you bliss

What will anger bring you

If being numb is better than pain

What is better than hate

If all you are is negative

Where is the positive



This poem is about feelings. I used feeling that are common happy, sad, pain, anger, love. and put a common thing with them. Heaven, Hell. Some people say heaven will be nice and happy and hell will be horrible and scary and sad. Love is something that puts us at ease. When we know people love us whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, brother, sister, friend, parent, grandparent, or anyone, we love to feel love

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