Hey guys so I am in creative writing and we have many fun activities, including getting the chance to write short storys and poems so in thes book is my Stuff that I wrote. Note some of these arent finished and to finish them I need you to comment and I may finish them here or in a full length novel also there are some that are as you read going into a full story.


3. Deathly Maze

I dashed from grave to grave avoiding the spirits that were provoked. I had seen the mausoleum and ran. Feeling the smooth marble wall I kept a lookout for any angry spirits when I got to the cool Iron Rods of the gate I swiftly turned around. Lifting the iron gate I snuck in. I backed to the wall and felt the marble slab signaling that I couldn't go anywhere else as a little girl, a spirit floated by. I almost felt sorry for the kid, but quickly dismissed the thought and opened one of the coffins. Instead of a decomposing body I found stairwell. Running down the steps I heard the familiar squeak of a rat and the hiss of a snake. Then I reached for the flaming torch and lifted it down from the wall. When I got to the bottom I put the torch down and walked through the Labyrinth. Expertly I turned corners and made it through the confusing corridors with ease. When I got to the other door I had to use force to pound it up and over. Climbing the rest of the way out I looked out at the land. There stood a man. I was mystified  by his looks but snapped myself out of the trance.

Dashing back into the Labyrinth I hoped he wouldn't follow. I then ran back and found a way to get out. Once again I opened the doors and dashed out. Where to go. I thought to myself. Wandering through the graves and quietly listening. It was night again, that meant that at least a full day passed while I was in the mazeI was able to tell because I had been running through the graveyard at night. When I had saw the man in daylight. Realising I didn't close the entrance when I had fled I ran back regrettably . I heard a voice as I got closer to the entrance.

“Hello?” He called out. “Is there anyone here? Little girl?” I wanted to call out and warn him about the Labyrinth but my curse rendered me speechless. No one was to hear me or to know of my existence.

“I could see you, so why do you run. It is impossible to get through the labyrinths. The last person who did was cursed and died. Why would you put yourself in danger of meeting an evil spirit.”  Hearing his words got me angry. I couldn’t defend myself I thought. Then an idea struck me. Why not scare him. I turned invisible and silently creeped around to find him. Once I did I hid around the corner. I turned back and looked at my hands and body.

‘I need to be little’ I said to myself then I silently prayed. ‘Oh great Spirit of Nyx Lyon I call upon thee to make me look small and dainty to be able to scare this beast out of my home I wish upon the to make me a little girl.’ When my eyes opened I saw that I was shorter and and younger. I poked my head around the corner and the man saw me.

“Why, little girl why did you run in here, there are monsters.” I blinked my grey eyes and tilted my head to the side. I then turned the corner and waited for the man. When I saw him I beckoned him over with a small wave from my hand. He continued to follow and then ended up in a room full of riches. The man was blinded by the gold and jewels pushed  my small body aside and ran to scoop up the gold. I  prayed yet again.

‘Oh great Nyx Lyon I would like to warn this man. Its not like he will listen anyways.’ I said. When she opened her eyes she saw no warning so she tried to speak. She still couldn't. So instead she looked around. and saw an older version of herself where she used to lure people in here only for them to be losted. She thought what she wanted to say and it spoke.

“Sir, I wouldn’t do that If I were you. You see this gold is cursed. If you try and take it out, you shall die a most horrible death. The man did not listen and continued to stuff his pockets. We both walked out of the room. While one copy of me faded my true fore ‘grew up’. I hid and the man ran out of the cavern. When he got out he smirked knowing that  he wasn’t dying. He walked out of the crypt and dropped to the ground. He was gasping for air but no air was going to his lungs. The air was being sucked from his lungs. I then grabbed the gold and returned it to it’s home. I patrolled the Labyrinth and waited, Maybe I could check out some of the prophecies of the great hall. I found the right path and wasted no time getting to the great hall.

Sitting on an old bench near a basket of scrolls I read.

‘Not of sun nor Moon, an entity of dark

Forever trapped amid the walls

Bound by curse

Three shall travel

One will be consumed by greed

One will be wise, but thirst for knowledge

One shall break the curse that forever binds’

I read over the scroll once again. Could this be it, the prophecy she will be freed by? I didn't believe it she could go back to living. But I knew I would have to wait for two more. Sighing I walked through the empty and endless halls. I could hear the little animals scampering around. I decided to check the sealed of entrance, the one entrance no one could never get in or out of. Nobody didn’t know where it lead to. When I got near it loud booming noises could be heard. Worried I rushed to the other side of the door and put my ear next to the door only to be knocked down by the shock of the next boom. I scampered back to the safe area of the maze.

‘Nyx, great Nyx Lyon I need thy guidance, someone is trying to get in, no one is supposed to be in here unless they are like me. I am scared, what do I do?’ I pleaded in my mind. A small light shone up ahead. I dashed towards the light to see a man with an odd contraption in his hand. He shone it at her and I cowered away.

‘Why were there strange men and contraptions in the maze?’ I thought. I dashed to the prophecy room with the man shortly behind me yelling in some language for me to stop. I ignored him and continued to run, I couldn't afford to stop. I hid in the prophecy room. Soon the man came in and gasped.

“Je l'ai trouvé la terre antique où je serai en mesure de connaître tous les secrets de la vie!”(1) He sounded happy but I knew I couldn’t let him defeat me.

“Nyx Lyon I call upon Thee let me bestow the words of the ancient curse of all that comes upon the reader. In his tongue.” I pleaded. I felt an odd feeling on a voice and the magic dancing along my throat.

“Je ne ferais pas cela si je devais vous. Votre esprit est petit et ne peut pas traiter l'information dans les rouleaux.”(2) I said.

“Et pourquoi pas une fille. Je suis plus vieux et plus intelligent et mieux que vous dans tous les sens. Quel est pour vous si je lis les manuscrits?”(3) He snapped back.

“Eh bien, je sais plus que vous le pensez, mais vous n'êtes pas obligé de me écouter.”(4) I said and left. Soon I heard the crinkle of paper and a yell of pain. He didnt listen. Nobody ever does. The last part of the prophecy foretold about someone breaking a curse. I sat in the hall and thought upon the idea of freedom. Something that I never thought I would get again.

Another huge boom ricocheted through the halls and made me jump. I saw a crack in the barrier. I wanted to scream out but I couldn’t I ran through the maze but all of the entrances were closed and wouldn't budge and I was trapped. I was terrified I never had anyone try and break in to this place before. Why would anyone? There wasn’t anything that would be of use. I heard the last boom and a yell. I ran back and saw an army, a leader that looked fierce grabbed me and forced me out of my Labyrinth an old man smiled widely at me and murmured a few sentences  

“Aufstieg einer der Irrgarten. Werden Sie eins mit deinen Sünden. Gehen Sie zurück zu wo Sie hingehören.Saugen deine Seele aus deinem Herzen nichts dagegen.

Nunc morere(5).” As they said thier languages I felt my life slipping away.

Et non morietur. (6)



1- I found the ancient land where I will be able to know all the secrets of life

2- I would not do that if I were you. Your mind is small and can not process information in the rolls

3-And why not a girl. I'm older and smarter and better than you in every way. What do you if I read manuscripts

4-Well, I know more than you think, but you do not have to listen to me

5-  Rise one of the maze. Become one with your sins. Go back to where you belong.

Suck your soul from your heart not mind . Now die.

6- I will not die

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