advent surprize



 Today is going to be such a busy day. I have to put my life into suitcases, but maybe Austrilia wont be that bad i always wanted to move to somewhere sunny,and i love travelling.

As i was packing all of my crap into either the suitcase or the bin I came across a picture of me,Sofia and Kiara on our first christmas together we were about 11 months old and able to  walk. Kiara was dressed in a dress which she was crying because she hates them  and still does,Sofia was in a princesses dress with a tiara on her head and i was pulling all of the christmas ddecorations off the tree. I then came out of the moment with a bang, i stood up and went over to Sofia's room were she was trying to pull her whole wardrope into a huge suitcase.

"you know you'll have to get rid of some of them " i said laughing 

"ehh,no i dont they will fit " she said 

"okay but i don't know how you are going to get about 600 dresses tops and jeans into one suitcase with a heap load of make up ,just to let you know " and with that i went back to me and Kiara's room 

I was packing my clothes into my suitcase i dont really have that much clothes to Sofia and Kiara 

Im more of the black skinny jeans with a flannel and converse person but my sister's are more in with the fashion and whats trending at the momdent 

About 6 hours past and it was time to move, I carried all of my suitcases down to the living room and my dad took them out to the taxi

I was alking out the door when my mam was hugging my brother and crying saying see you soon , i then went over to her and said whats wrong when she said "Max is staying here love ,but he'll be over for christmas with Becca and with that i said goodbye to him and got into the taxi . I wont see my brother till three weeks but ah well but i don't like the fact that Becca is coming i hate Becca shes so mean to me but so nice to my sisters and i have never done anything wrong to her 

About 2 hours later we arrived at the airport and took all our bags and suitcases out of the taxi. I then took out my friends headphones and decided i was going to play some of one direction.

I was walking trew the airport when my mam said she'll check in our bags while we go and get some snacks for the plane journey.

Me and Sofia decided to go get some food and bring it back.We went to the small shop and then went trew scurity and met our mother and father there and Kiara on her phone. Mam i just going to go to the bathroom i'll be back in five , and within that i was walkind towards the bathroom when i bumped into some boy and fell to the floor. I felt a pair of hands on my waist and lifted me up when oour eyes met they were a light brown colour and he was wearing a red bandana the same one i was wearing on my wrist 

"emm are you okay "he spoke shyly 

"yea im fine, who are you "

"oh sorry im Ashton " he spoke 

"nice to met you , im Mia" i spoke confidently 

"emm i sorry about that , im just in a rush to catch my plane "

"its okay " and within that  lady spoke on the speakers all passengers bording s443 to sydney final borading 

"shit we both said at the same time "

"were are you heading " he said while rushing out of the hall 

"im going to sydney " i said in a sad way 

"oh im gong there to " he said 

"coll well we better start walking or well be staying here for chirstmas " and within that we both boarded the plane 

Ashton went to first class while i stead in normal class 

I was walking aound the plane to try find my parents when i spotted Kiara and she was chatting to a boy 

"emm sorry to interrupt but Kiara can i sit down and she moved to the middle seat while i took the window seat 

Within 15 minutes off flying i fell asleep looking out of the window and thinking what Sydney and my new life is going to be like.






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