Harry Potter: Your Story

This is a story about Hogwarts. About witches and wizards. About spells and wands. But most of all, It's about YOU.


3. Grace

   I jumped off of the train with Thea, the Ravenclaw girl. She seemed okay, shy, but okay. She carried a birdcage, but inside was not an owl, but a raven. It must have been a substitute for an owl, so I continued walking with her.

   I decided to try a conversation with her. "What's your favourite subject?" I watched her face light up, and knew I struck the right topic.

   "Transfiguration, definitely! I love it!" she beamed.

   "Oh really?" I asked.

   "Watch this..." she said devilishly. I watched her as she stood for a moment, eyes screwed up in concentration. Suddenly, she rippled and morphed, her body molding like clay, until it solidified into a small, four legged creature. A red fox stared up at me.

   "Your an animagus?" I asked, stunned.

   She changed back into a human and nodded. "I've been learning since last year; I'm registered and everything!"

   I grinned, impressed. "I can make a pretty mean liquid luck, you know."

   "Liquid luck?" A familiar voice spoke from edge of the platform. "That's a pretty advanced potion... Most sixth years can't do that. How's your love potion? Actually, I'm not sure you'll need that." He grinned mischievously. I blushed, even though I knew he was just kidding around.

   "Guys, I think we should get to the great hall. I don't want to miss the feast," murmured Thea. I noticed that the only time she perked up was when she talked about school. Weird.

   We climbed aboard a carriage and continued talking. "I'm bored, and it takes ages to get up the hill, why don't we play a game?" Michael suggested.

   "What kind of game?" I inquired.

   "A game of magic...We show what we can do!" Michael said, excited.

   Thea's head whipped up. "I like that game," she said, grinning.

   "Me first!" I shouted, eager to show them my skill. I lifted up my outer cloak to reveal a bag. From it, I produced a small vial and handed it to Michael. "Drink," I told him. He lifted it to his lips and immediately started to spout nonsense.

   "My orange if why yellow? Only milk dream animals, juggle moon broth!"

   I laughed. "Babbling Beverage!" I lifted a green tube filled with clear liquid and poured it into his mouth. He immediately stopped talking rubbish and gave me a look worse than any potion.

   "Very funny Potions Girl... I'm never going to trust you again! He mutters, laughing. I notice Thea hiding a smile.

   "My turn," Michael smirked. His nose and mouth scrunched up and rolled together until it looked like a pig snout.

   "You're a metamorphmagus!" Thea clapped her hands together in delight. I looked at her quizzically. "He can change his appearance at will... Isn't that cool?"

   I nodded. "Yeah...yeah, it really is," I murmured as we reached the Hogwarts grand entrance. 

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