How we met.


1. how it all began.

It was a sunny afternoon in L.A., It was new years eve today. 



Megan and her best friend Aleisha was getting ready for the New Years Eve party tonight. 

" what are you wearing tonight?" asked Megan " omg I have no idea!" said Aleisha shockingly. " ah same! , we need to go shopping" " and we need to go quick we don't have enough time!" Aleisha says. 

So Megan and Aleisha runs to the mall as fast as they could go! they better hurry the party starts in an hour.

​"Megan what about this one?" "nahh to ordinary!" Megan replies. 

"Aleisha how about this one?" " ahh its perfect!!" aleisha said with excitement. 

Aleisha found her dress now Megan needs to find hers and get going! 

"bingo!" Megan said. 

yay! Megan found her dress and its beautiful! now Aleisha and Megan is off to the party. 

'Aleisha and Megan walks in, and everyone stops and stares' *the crowd starts to gasp* "wow their beautiful!!"

"megan what are they all looking at?" megan whispers to Aleisha "i think us?".

so Megan and Aleisha made it to the party and makes everyone stare! you go girls! 

'the story of my life, i take her home ,i drive all night, to keep her warm'

" OMG ITS OUR SONG!!" megan screams " AHH! LETS DANCE!" Aleisha says

they dance and dance until their feet hurts.

Megan shouts " hey Aleisha i think i might go outside for a bit!"  "ok! you'll know where to find me!" Aleisha yells sarcastically. 

so Megan goes outside while Aleisha is still partying her ass off! Megan sees in the distance someone on the phone. 

she goes closer and closer and then she realized that its Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!! AHHHH!! 

"no I'm at the party" louis says "is just about 12pm"   "what should i do?" she thinks to herself. 

"right,yeah ok goodbye." louis said  *hangs up* "he looks frustrated.." she thinks to herself 

"hey..uh sorry to interrupt is it okay if i can stay out her..? or not? cause i can go if you want?" Megan says

"oh hello sorry i thought i was the only one out here... aha and sure you can" louis replies happily 

"AHH HE JUST SMILED AT ME!!! HOLY SHIT!!" she says to herself. "what are you doing here? " megan asks 

louis replies "uh i actually don't know hah, i guess i was just tired of doing the same thing everyday.." "oh wheres the rest of the group ?" Megans says " probely at home.. chillin i guess, sorry i didn't quite catch your name" louis said "oh silly me! my name is Megan Anderson" "nice to meet you Megan Anderson! as you know my name is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!" "well its very nice to meet you Louis Tomlinson hah " Megan says . " you too Megan Anderson. so do you want to get out of here?" louis winks. megan smiles "uh sure...! i just got to tell my friend that I'm leaving!" "okay ill come with you!" louis says with a smile. so they go tell Aleisha that she's going, and of course that louis had to put on discies so people wouldn't recognize that he was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!! 

to be continued...





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