- Spotlight -

The Boys are taking a break before they start the next Tour in a couple of weeks. Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis spend their time in LA while Liam is still in London. He never thought that he won't be alone next time he'll go back on Tour.



It's already late when i was watching TV with my mom before we left the next day to spend our weekend in London. We talked about how we are gonna spend our first day there. I felt like i was kinda more excited than she was.

After we finished talking i went back to my room and messaged some of my friends about how excited i was before i went sleep.

When i woke up the next morning we had breakfast together but i didn't eat anything and that was probably the reason why my mom looked at me like i was sick. I was happy when we finally drove to the airpot.

We arrived after like 20mins but it took us like 1hour to get through all the security and that stuff. We went fast to our plane when we finally finished everything.

We sat like in the middle of the plane. My mom sat next to the window, then there was me and next to me an older man and a guy who was like in the same age as me. Everyone seemed to talk while i was just listening to my music.

We arrived at the Airpot in London after about 1hour. We left the airpot fast and made us strictly on the way to our hotel which was in central london.

My mom was still tired from the flight so she decided to go and take a 'lil nap but before she did that I asked her if i could go shopping. With a few doubts she agreed and she told me the speech she always tells me when I wanna go out. ' Don't be back too late and be safe...'

After her little speech i went downstairs to leave the hotel. I looked around me, everyhwere I looked were tourists and all the sights...

Suddenly someone walked into me and I almost fell down but he hold my hand so that I didn't fall down. We didn't said anything we just strictly looked us in the eyes.

'I'm so sorry' he said.

'It's okay, I'm fine!' I replied.

And than there was this silence again. It kinda felt like the silence had a sound cause there where so many things in my brain and I didn't know what to do or even what to say but i was sure i knew him.

'What's your name?'

'Sophia' I answered.

'I'm Liam but I think you know me 'cause I'm...'

'You're in One Direction'

'Yeah' he said and I wasn't sure if it was good that I told him I knew him or bad.

'Can I invite you for dinner tonight as an excuse?'

'Yeah sure, why not'

'Ok, I'll pick you up here at 6pm okay?'

'Okay' i said with a few doubts.

We gave each other our numbers before he left. I wasn't sure how I was feeling after that so I tried to go shopping and not be afraid of what will happen tonight.

I didn't thought in the way that I'll meet a member of One Direction again. After what happened I didn't saw him in that way anymore. I saw not the famous person who is loved by every second girl in the world, I saw this cute and lovely guy who is just tryin' to live a normal life and who is the reason why i almost fell down.

I decided to go back to the hotel and talk to my mom. I just bought some food before I left. I came into our room and I really didn't know what to say. She will probably cancel the dinner because I just met him for the first time but I wouldn't let her so that.

I sat down next to her and gave her the food. She asked how it was so I told her what happened.

'Will You let me go?' i asked nervous.

'Soph, he's a really famous guy and I don't think it'll work out if you start dating him..'

'He just invited me for Dinner, we don't have a date'

'If I let you go you have to promise that you won't be sad if he won't wants a realtionship!'

'MOM! We just go out for dinner. He feels bad that I almost fell down and that's why he invited me!' I was getting angry.

She didn't answer. I talked to her again until she finally agreed. She helped me to find an Outfit for tonight and I was getting nervous 'cause it was almost 6pm.

Before I left the hotel I thanked my mom for helping me and I told her that she doesn't have to be worried.

I already saw him standing outside the hotel before I even left it. I don't know why but I hugged him like we've been friends for years.

We drove to his place where he lived. We went on the top of his house where we had an amzing view of the city. We've got food after food after food... We talked a lot about our lifes and what would happen in the future.

I stood up and went to the edge of the roof. I just looked around when liam suddenly was behind be. I turned around, he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me on my lips.

That was probably one of the most beautiful moments in my life. I thought about what my mom said but he wouldn't have kissed me if he wouldn't like me.

We keep looked at each other until we decided to go inside and watch a film 'cause we were getting tired. We didn't talked while watching it so we both fell asleep early. What I didn't know was that I would wake up in his arms.

'Good morning love.' he said when I was just opening my eyes.

'Good morning' I answered without I actually realized that I slept in his arms.

We had breakfast together before we decided what we'd do today. It was my last day in London so we had to do something special. We haven't actually done anything huge, we just went outside to see some sights.

After that we drove to my hotel to pick up my mom and go to the airpot. I didn't wanted to leave cause Liam had such a big place in my heart even if I knew him for only 2 days. We kissed before I had to leave so my mom knew that we are dating now.

I went to the plane with my mom and again through the security which didn't took us a long time. We didn't talked on our way back home but I knew that she had the same doubts as me. Was it the last time I saw him and will this really work. If we would make official that I'm dating him now my whole life would change...'

We arrived late home and I just had some food before I went sleep 'cause the last school week before summer break starts tomorrow.

I couldn't sleep well 'cause I didn't know how this week would be. The only thing that I was happy about was that probably no one would run into me and ask questions about liam 'cause we decided to not tell anyone for this week.

I was happy to see my friends and I talked with them about the sights and all that stuff.

The week went fast and everday I came home liam had send me flowers. We FaceTimed everyday so I didn't miss him a lot even if I wished he was beside me.

It was Friday. The last day before our summer break. We decided to go outside with our teacher and talk about some things that will happen when we come back.

Suddenly I just heard some of my friends screaming. I didn't know why they screamed until I turned around and saw liam. I run into his arms and he kissed me on my cheek.

I knew that my life would change now because they know now that we are dating and they'll tweet and post it everywhere. But that didn't matter right now. I finally saw him after one week and I was so happy that I almost cried.

'What are you doing here?' i asked with a big smile on my face.

'I just wanted to surprise You.'

'Oh you definetely did!' I said.

All my friends were looking at us so I told liam to go and take some pics with them. After he finished that he came back to me.

'I have another surprise for you.' He said.

I looked at him without having a clue what it could be.

'We will meet the boys today!'

'But they are in LA!?' I replied confused.

'I know. We will fly there today and you will join us on Tour!' He said with a big smile on his face.

I didn't know what to say. I mean he just told me that I'll spend the whole summer with him and that I will be with them on Tour.

He told me that we will leave right now so we could take the next flight. He also said that he already talked to my mom and that I didn't have to worry about anything. It seemed like he had planned it for weeks even if we know each other for just about one week.

It was a long flight and I was really tired but I was excited to meet the boys. They picked us up at the airpot and there were a lot of fans which wanted to take some photos. Liams bodyguard took me outside so I wouldn't get mobbed. After they came back we drove to the Stadium 'cause they had their first show of Tour tonight.

The stadium looked amazing and it was so big. Before their show they had a Meet&Greet with super cute Fans. What I didn't know was when I wanted to leave the room where they had the M&G some Fans came to me and wanted to take pics with me.

I was speechless.

I said yes and they were so happy and they wished us luck in our relationship and I started smiling.

Probably whole America knew now that we were dating and we were probably on every Teen-Magazine. My life changed would change right now.

I went back backstage to wish the boys good guck 'cause the show starts in about 10mins. I was so excited to see them perform 'cause i know that's what they wanna to for the rest of their lifes.

The show was almost over when liam started talking about what happened the last few days. Fans started screaming my name and I wasn't sure what was happening next.

Suddenly liam came, took my hand and went with me bag on stage. Fans started screaming and he hugged me. I think he did know that I was nervous right now. I was afraid what the fans would do next. Would they hate me.. Maybe It was luck that I met these few lovely fans backstage but what was about all the other ones..

I tried to look around without started crying. Tears were built in my eyes. But not in a bad way. It seemed like everyone wasn't angry that I'm dating him.

Liam kissed me and i went backstage.

After the show I hugged them all and told them how amazing the show was.

We left the stadium early and drove to the next stadium to their next location where they will perform tomorrow. We almost drove to another place everyday but liam and I had such a beautiful time when they didn't had to work a few days. I had an amazing time with them on Tour and I was kinda nervous about what would happen when I had to go back to school.

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