My Life

This is a story about my life and my memories. Because memories are always the best thing to have :)


1. Introduction

Hello! This is Sunny1020, and as you guys can tell by the title this is my diary/journal. First I will go by introducing my self. My real name is Sun. I am a Japanese girl living in America. I used to live in Canada a few weeks a go, but we moved. My best friend is Rickie_Elizabeth_Styles! Go follow her! She is a great person! My hobbies are playing  badminton, reading, singing,hanging out with my friends, and writing stories. I have 2 siblings and they're names are Lynn and Dan! We fight a lot :P I have one dog an she is a grey hound named Arrow. He is really skinny and fast, but lazy. I live in a family of 5. My parents work at a restaurant called Suika ( "watermelon" in Japanese ) which is in Downtown Washington! Please go check it out! If you live in BC, Canada there's one in Vancouver so please check it out! 

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