Tangled Truth

A young girl named, Karman Jaxson. Is not your average teenage girl, she is a hunter for supernaturals like vampires,werewolves,and witches. Until her boyfriend dies. Karman decides to put aside the hunting and live life as an ordinary girl in Bloodwood,Virginia.


1. Why I quit the team…


 Footsteps echoed through the alley way. They were coming for me because I was the chosen one, but why not my mother she knew more than me. She knew how to handle the creature and protect the right ones. I quickly hid behind a garbage can and drawled out a dagger, not knowing what was out there I pulled out a mirror to reflect off of the culprit. It was a group of ten to eleven big built guys. I groaned.

"Vampires," I mumbled under my breath. I quickly stepped out and did what I was taught. I started convo. "Why we meet again bloodsuckers. I truly don't know if I made myself clear last time we met but I don't have the time to fight." As I began to walk away one of them with dark eyes turned me around and swung a punch into my ribcage. I yelped in pain, but then luckily my team came and helped me out. Starting with my mother, she was an open book but was an amazing hunter. She was The Hunter of our family. Next was my best friend, Sandra White. She had beauty and brains. My mom technically adopted her into our family when we found her on the streets. Then it was her boyfriend Blake Marin. He lived with my mom and I at are huge house too. He was our school jock but really a hunter with massive fighting skills. Finally was my boyfriend, Jonah Woods. He was perfect, sexy, and mine. 

"Honey are you okay?" My mom asked, worried. I got up and watched how everyone was fighting the damn bloodsuckers.

"Yes, but mom we are out numbered." 

"Karman not if we worked harder. You are the chosen one baby. You are stronger than any of us." My mom kissed my cheek. I smiled and then began to fight. I got punched and nearly bit but I didn't go down. 

 When we finally thought we were done we weren't.  A vampire came and pounced on Jonah, bit his neck , and killed him.

"No!" I screamed and then rushed to his side. My mom came and pulled me back and the blonde vampire took him. "Stop! Please!" Sadly they were gone. 

"Karma," Sandra said,"we need to go."

"No. You know what I quit being a hunter!" I ran off through the alleys. I was done, I couldn't do it without Jonah. It was time for me to start a normal life…





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