What If...Beauty & The Beast?

Another of my What If stories. What If the Beast really was just a Beast and nothing else?


1. Prologue.

        She ran-oh, how she ran. Her heart pounded so loud and so hard, she thought it might burst out of her fragile ribcage-but no, she couldn't stop, not now, not now, because she was so close. So close. Home. Where was home? Away from there that was for sure-but what about Papa? He would be so devastated if he knew. What big old Beasty had done. Papa had warned her. Heck, even narcissistic Gaston had warned her. But no, she did not listen to them, any of them, and she wishes she had.

        Rose. How could she forget Rose? She cursed under her breath as she halted and dithered whether or not to turn back around-rubbing her forehead, she jerked her head up as a colossal growl reverberated through the forest. That was the final straw-Belle ran back to save helpless, dying Rose.

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