Love is never easy Niall

Emily was a normal 19 year old girl.
She had a bestfriend, Shara and Emily has been bestfriend for 10 years and both was big 1D fans. But they knew that they would never meet them... oh how wrong they were.


9. The second date

4 days later

Nialls p.o.v

-Come on Niall wake up! we are going to be late! Harry screamed to me.

-mmmhhh... late for "yawning" late for what? I asked, I am not and are never going to be a morning person.

-we have our radio interview today! Harry said. 

Wait why are Harry in my flat? Oh right he sleept over, jeez I am not so clever in the mornings.

I got up and ate some breakfeast and took a quick shower and took a simple white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans.

-Harry what´s the clock? I asked 

-6 in the morning he replied

-uuggh why does it have to be so early??

-well buu huu, you can cry in the car, we need to go, we are going to meet the rest of the boys there.

-And we are back with hottest boyband in the world one directon! and now we are going to take some questions from you! the host david said.

-and the first phone call is from Isabelle! Isabelle what is you question? David said.

-Niall is it true that you went on a date with that ugly girl? Isabelle said.

-yes I did but she is verry nice and beautiful. I said, it was hard to not scream that she is wrong, why does they always send hate!

-The next phone call is from Elenour! David said

-Louis do you miss Kevin? Elenour said

Everyone burst out laughing except Louis who fake cried in zayns shoulder.

-oh Kevin I want you here! why did you have to remind me Elenour!! Louis screamed dramatically.

When the interview was over I called Emily to see if she had heard the interview, and most important, to see if she was okey.

-Hi it´s Emily she said after she had picked up the phone.

-Hi Emily it´s Niall!

-oh hi!

-eerrmm Emily did you heard the interview?

-yepp! she said but she sounded more happy then she should...

-Oh man! Emily please don´t listen to the people who sends hate! I really like you and they are just jealous!

-Niall calm down I´m not listening to that! I don´t care of what people think about me!

-are you sure Emily?

-yes of course I am sure!

-Thank god for that! so Emily do you want to come over to my flat today? The boys are gonna be there too.

-Ok, can bring my friend Sarah with me?

-yes of course!

-Thanks Nialler see ya!

-Se yaa Emily!

Emilys p.o.v

I called Sarah after I hung up with Niall.

Hi Emily!

-Hi Sarah, you know that there is a person in the world, and you know here verry well, I started

-eerrmm Emily you scare me!

-I promise you that you gonna love that person in... i don´t know, a few seconds maybe, guess who it is!

-well maybe beacuse YOU called me and told me, is it maybe you Emily?

-Sarah what do say if I told you that I´m going to Nialls flat today and all the boys are there to... and I´m taking you with me!

-OH My GOD!!! Emily I love you to death!! Are Liam going to be there too?


-aahh I´m coming to you right now!!

I was about to replie but she hung up, haha she is so funny when she is exited.

"skipp a few hours"

I was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt and a jeans jacket on that, with convers.

Sarah was wearing a cute white T-shirt with the text "live were we young" and a pair of black jeans with convers.

we stood outside Nialls flat, ready to knock on the door.

-Ready? I asked Sarah

-yepp! she replied

Knock knock

-coming! Niall said 

-Hi girls! he said after he had oppen the door 

-Hi Niall! I said

-come in!

We walked into the living room and saw all the boys on the couch.

-Hi guys! I said

-Hi! they said in sync.

Sarah went and sat on the only free place to the left and of course beside Liam.

Niall took my hand and went to the last free place and pulled me in his lap.

-you sure it´s okay? I´m pretty heavy. I said

-Heavy? you like a feather! He said.

Sarah and Liam started to talk and I could her them laugh sometimes.

-I´m gonna go get some snacks, you want some Emily? Niall asked me


-Ok come on. He said and we walked into the kitchen.

-Emily there is something I wanted to tell you... he said

Good here it comes! It always starts like this! "Emily I need to tell you... this is not gonna work, it´s not you it´s me" that was the exact word my last date told me. 

-I... I really like you, and I wonder if you wanted to be my girlfriend?

Nialls p.o.v

-and I wonder if you wanted to be my girlfriend? I asked, gosh finally I told her!

But all i got like an answer was her eyes in shock and her jaw dropped.

Gosh! why I am so stupid! She is pretty and funny she is probobly got a lot of boys after her, guys who had been romantic when they asked her... she is gonna say no!

-oh I´m so sorry it wasen´t the most romantic place but I coulden´t wait to told you... I said.

-Niall of course I want to be your girlfriend... and this is actully the most romantic place I ever been asked on...

We walked back to the boys.

-guys! say hi to my new girlfriend! I said and squeezed her hand, I looked over to her and saw that she blushedand looked down to the floor and the boys just yelled things like "yeah!" and "I thougt it would take like years!" or "good work Niall"







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