Love is never easy Niall

Emily was a normal 19 year old girl.
She had a bestfriend, Shara and Emily has been bestfriend for 10 years and both was big 1D fans. But they knew that they would never meet them... oh how wrong they were.


4. The date

12 am next day

Sarah was beside me on the couch and and looked at me while I hit Nialls number on my mobile.

 I was so nervous that my hand got all sweaty, after 3 signals he picked up.

-Hi it´s Niall

-Hi Niall it´s Emily!

-Oh hi Emily how are you?

-Im fine thanks, how are you?

-Im fine... Im much better now when you called.

I started to blush, I looked over to Sarah and saw her do a ´´what did he say to make you blush!?´´ face.

-Emily? are you there?

-yeah Im here

-so I was wondered if you wanted to go on a date with me? I could hear that he was nervous, I can´t belive he actully said that!

-yeah I would love that! I replied and tride to not show him that I was near to explode.

-Great! what about 7.30 today?

-That would be great!

-ok good and it is not to fancy so you know.

-Ok were are we going?

-That is a suprise! see you later love!

-Alright see ya!

-OMG OMG WHAT DID HE SAY!? Sarah screamed to me the same second i hung up.

-Sarah I can´t belive that I´m going on a date today with Niall freaking Horan!!!

-What!? he asked you out!?

-Yes he did! my face was probobly red from all the screaming and I smiled like a idiot but I didn´t care! I was so happy that nothing could bring me down.


Nialls p.o.v

After we hung up the boys joined me on the couch in my and Louis hotel room, we had a day off today.

-So what is everyone doing today? Liam asked everyone.

All the boys said nothing special... except me, I was really going to do something special today.

-What about you Niall? Liam asked me.

-Actually Im going on a date with Emily at 7.30.

-What? the girl from yesterday at the book signing? Harry asked me.

-But you just meet her and talked to her for half an hour, Zayn said to me.

-well yeah I know... was all I could say

-oohhh I think our little irish leprechauns has grown up and are in love! Louis said and started to fake cry in Zayns shoulder.

 -oh shut up Louis! I said to him.

-oh come on Niall it is pretty obvious that you like her, you dind´t stop staring at her yesterday Liam said.

Everyone was looking at me now. And I didn´t really wanted to admit that I like her but I guess I dind´t have a choise now.

-Alright alright... well yeah I guess I like her, I said.

Louis turned to face Zayn and said in a irish accent

-ow Emily I love you please marry me! Then he tride to kiss Zayn but Zayn just pushed him away.

-get of me Louis! he screamed.

I tride to keep a straight face but I couldn´t and started laugh with the rest of the boys.


Emilys p.o.v


It was now 6:00 em so I decided to start get ready for my date with Niall. Sarah went home earlier beacuse she had to babysit her little brother.

 I took a shower and when i got out the clock was 6:20 so I dryed my hair and puted on my makeup, Niall said it wasen´t so fancy so I took Foundation, Eye shadow and mascara, it was now 7:10.

I had never been so good at choise outfits so I just stood their and looked at my clothes for a while but I decided to take a pair black jeans and a pink tank top without straps over the shoulders and with the extra fabric over the breasts that were hung in neat waves.

I flattened my hair and took a last look in my full body mirror,

  -I hope I look okey,,, I said aloud to myself yes I talk to myself sometimes and no Im not crazy, It just makes it easier to think sometimes, and I don`t mean like school things more life things, you can be the smartest human alive and still don´t get a shit about your normal life. 

The clock was now 7.30 he should be here any minu...

Knock knock

-oh my god he is here! What should I do, should I said that I got sick and can´t come or, or, or,....

-Damn Emily just oppen the door and calm down you can do it, you can do it!! I said to my self and took a deep breath and ran to the door.

-Hi Niall I said to him

-Hi Emily, wow you look really good.

-oh emm thanks you look good to, I could feel my cheeks turn red, 

he had a pair of black jeans and a white T-shirt with a picture of a big town on it and a black jacket over that.

-Are you ready to go love? he asked me, again I could feel my cheeks turn red.

-Yeah Im ready lets go.

He stretched out his hand for me and I took it, we walked over to the black car and he opened the car door for me.

-What a gentlemen I said and a big grin sat on his face.

I jumped in and he closed the door, the driver looked at me in the mirror and smiled at me, I smiled  back and Niall jumped in the car on the other side.

-so Niall can you please tell me were we are going now? I asked him.

-nope he said plopping the p.

-It is a suprise he said with a big smile on his face.

we walked in to a cute little resturant were it wasent so much people in but I liked it here.

-Oh Niall it is so cute here.

-well sorry you feel it because it's not here, we'll be. 

-but were are we... he cut me off beacuse he took my hand and pulled me to the stairs, I just followed him and didn´t say a thing.

He walked over to 2 big glas doors and opened them up, I walked out to a balcony, with a little whith round tabel with a candel on it and two plates, some silverware and there was flowers and light all around the balcony and it was so beautiful and romantic.

-Niall this is amazing thank you so much! I said and gave him a hug.

He chuckled and said

-only the best for you love. He made me blush for the fourth time.

-I like when you blush you are cute. He said.

We started eat and it was so good, we talked about our self I told him that I was in a heartbreak for not so long ago and he told me that he has always waited for his princess.

We laughed and had a great time and he was so sweet, the clock was now 9:30 so we decided to go home but I really really didn´t want to, and then back in the car it hit me, he is Niall Horan and I am Emily Jakobsson, this is probobly going to be my last date with him, why would he like someone like me?

-you can go home Bob I take a taxi home. He said to the driver after the car had pulled upp on my driveway.

He followed me to the door and then it hit me that I maybe can get some more time with him today.

-eemm Niall you now eemm... jeez I was so nervous,

-I don´t have anything to do tomorrow so... you can come in and we can maybe watch a movie if you want to... I stared down on my shoes I couldn´t look at him now I was so nervous.

-yeah I would love that! he replied, a wave of relife washed through me.

we walked in to my living room and I said that he could look through my dvds.

He picked the one I hoped that he woulden´t pick, Sarah gave it to me and it was an horror movie, I hated horror movies.

-Is this one ok? he asked me.

I wanted to say no, come on Emily say no you now that you can´t see it!

-Yeah it´s perfect! I said, wait, no why did I said so?! Stupid Emily.

The film started and he sat in the corner on the couch and I sat a little bit away.

-eh come here! he said and held out his arms, I moved closer and put my head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around me. I could feel his heart beet and it felt so right I wish this wasent the end but it would probobly be. The movie started to be really scary,

the girl from the movie screamed and I was hiding my face in his chest and I scremed, I really didn´t want to do that in front of him but I was so scared, and when I thought he would push me away he kept rather harder on me. I could feel my eye lids start to get really heavy and I tride to fight but I couldn´t anymore and feel asslep.













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