Love is never easy Niall

Emily was a normal 19 year old girl.
She had a bestfriend, Shara and Emily has been bestfriend for 10 years and both was big 1D fans. But they knew that they would never meet them... oh how wrong they were.


10. My notes bad news...

Hi guys I´m really sorry that I have to say this but I´m not going to write anymore on this book beacuse I thougt it would be easy to write a book but I don´t know how to go on so 

I´m truly madly deply sorry please no hate please!

But I think i am going to write an one direction imagines instead becuse then people can write to me what they want to happen so again I am truly sorry I hope you understand!

But thanks so much for all my views and for all the love!

Bye! Love you guys! /Joline

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