Love is never easy Niall

Emily was a normal 19 year old girl.
She had a bestfriend, Shara and Emily has been bestfriend for 10 years and both was big 1D fans. But they knew that they would never meet them... oh how wrong they were.


6. Girl day

Next day, 9:17

I woke up and could feel a pair strong arms around me, I looked up and saw... Niall! what? After 5 seconds everything came back to my mind, I feel asleep in his arms after that scary movie.

I didn´t want to wake him up but I was starwing and really needed to eat something so I lifted up his arms and wound carefully down the couch and went to the kitchen. I decided to make some breakfeast to Niall too so I made sausage, eggs, and beacon.

When I was done I could hear Niall move around in the couch, so I walked back to the living room and saw him hug a pillow, and he was so cute in his morning hair and with the pillow.

-Niall? I whispered softly.

-mmhh 5 minutes more mom he murmured, and I coulden´t understand how cute he was, I giggled and shaked him gently to try to wake him up.

-stop it... what all he said, so I decided to do a little prank on him,

-Niall it is me Emily... I think I am pregnant.

-mmhh... wait what!? he screamed and flew up.

I started to laugh and I coulden´t stop he´s expression was priceless.

-wait was it a joke!? he said

-yes you didn´t want to wake up so I didn´t have any choise, i said between laugh.

-oh your little... he started and I run away and I could hear him run after me, I could feel his strong arms around my waist and he lifted me up and walked back to the couch. He laid me down and sat on me with one legg on each side of me, he had an evil smirk on his face and started to tickle my stomach. I like to be tickled but i pretended to hate it.

i tride to push him of me at the same time I laughed and screamed but he was to strong.

-Niall stop it please! hahahah!!

-not before you say "Niall is the hotest man alive and I loved to be in his arms tonight." He must be kidding with me, he really want me to say that...? I have something else to say.

-But what if I... hahaha! no Niall not there!! i coulden´t finish my sentence beacuse he started to tickle my side and that was the worst place ever! 

I got a grip on his hands and pushed them away from my body and took the chance.

-Niall I have made breakfast in the kitchen!!!

-what!? have you!? why didn´t you told me earlier?? he had stopped tickle me but he haden´t moved yet.

-well something distracted me... I said sarcastic.

He ran to the kitchen and began eat at once, well I guess I don´t have to say that, even if it was kind of truth.

I took some food too and when we were finished i took our plates and put them in the sink.

-Emily I need to go now we have an interwie today but it was a amazing date and I hope we can do it again? He said.

-yeah I would love to!

-cool see ya bye! he gave me a kiss on my cheek and walked out of my flat. I leaned on the desk and took a deep breath, everything has been perfect today.

I called Sarah and told her to come over.

-so tell me how was it?? Sarah asked me after she had joined me on the couch. I told her everything from yesterday to today.

-Wow! you are so lucky and I can´t belive you actually pranked him that way! she said and laughed.

-wait you said that he have an interwie today? Sarah aske me.

-yeah he told me so.

-I know when it starts! it starts at 11.30! she said.

-what is the clock now? she asked me.

-11:00, I know we order some pizza and watch their interwie and have a lazzy day with some movies and just talk, what do you think? I asked her

-sound great! she replied

we order our pizza and watch their interwie.

-so Niall tell me, a fan saw you togheter with a girl yesterday and she took a picture and posted it on twitter, tell ous is she your girlfriend? the host asked him. 

-um well yeah her name is Emily and we were on a date yesterday but she is not my girlfriend, he said and his cheeks turned a little red, and it was so cute but at the same time it hurts a bit, I know that it is true that he isn´t my boyfriend yet, but I want him to be.

-Omg omg you are... and he said... and twitter... I mean gosh! Sarah said, I chukled a bit about how suprised she was.

-Emily how are you? Sarah asked me, gosh I haven´t even show here a bit that I was hurt and she could still see it, she is good.

-what no im fine! i said.

-yeah and I just saw a flying pig! she replied

-come on Emily you can tell me everything!

-well it is just that I know that it is true that im not his girlfriend, but I wish I was... and I don´t know I guess it´s hurt a bit. I said and looked down at my hands in my lap.

-Oh Emily if I see what I think I see in Nialls eyes when he talks about you, then he is going to ask you soon.

-Thanks Sarah but I don´t think so... he can have witch girl he want, so why should he ask me?

-well I still think soooo... she replied. we leaved that subjekt and talked about other things and watched movies.

-Emily the clock is 10.30 i need to go home.

-alright bye Sarah!

-Bye Emily and don´t forget that Niall is going to ask you to be his girlfriend soon!

-haha yeah keep on deaming Sarah!

She gave me a smile and I returned it and she walked out.

I brushed me teeth and changed into my pajamas and went to bed when i got a text messeges and I saw it was from Niall.

did you saw the interwie? I hope you are ok with that my fans know abou you now? Love you, night, Niall xx

I smiled when I saw the messege, did he really cared about me?

thanks for asking me! yeah Im fine with it and yeah I saw the interwie and to be honest... you were really cute when you blushed ;)

Love you 2 night! Emily xx

I closed my phone and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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