Love is never easy Niall

Emily was a normal 19 year old girl.
She had a bestfriend, Shara and Emily has been bestfriend for 10 years and both was big 1D fans. But they knew that they would never meet them... oh how wrong they were.


2. first meeting

Buzz buzz

-mmmmm.... who the hell is calling me now!

I took my phone from my besides table and saw it was 4 in the morning, it was Sarah who called me.

-Sarah why are you calling me now?? 

-Emily! Emily! One direction is coming to town tomorrow!!

I couldn´t belive it and thought that I´ll must have heard wrong.

-Sarah Sarah calm down I can´t hear you! I thougt you just said that 1D is coming to town tomorrow.

-yeah that was exactely what i said!

-Wait what are you seriuos!? why are they coming?!

-they are coming to sign there new books! Emily we need to go!

I was shocked, me and Sarah always talked about that we would never meet them and suddenly I was going to meet them! Yeah I know it is just for a few seconds but I really 

don´t care.

next day at 3 em.

Me and Sarah was in the line to meet the boys, we would probobly stand there for 1 hour but I didn´t care.

-Omg Emily I´m freaking out! What if I say something wrong! What if they don´t like me!

-Sarah calm down I´m nervous to but remember that you will probably only have time to say Hi anyway.

-you are right Emily thanks!

-of course I´m right you know me!

-yeah really funny miss smart pants!

-haha you are just jealous!

-yeah keep on dreaming Emily!

Aright it is almost our turn to meet them, were did the time go? we have been here for about 3 hours but it feelt like half an hour.

-Next! the guard that stood besides the table there the boys sat screamed to me and Sarah.

I could feel how the sweat pressed forward in my palms.

-Hi love how are you? Harry asked me, me! Harry Styles asked me how I was... oh my god.

-Hi Harry I´m fine and you?


he signed my book and past to Zayn that sat besides him.

-Hi! said Zayn

-Hi Zayn! I did my best to not fangirl over theme. But it was much harder then expectet.

Louis took the book and signed it.

-Hi Louis! I said

-hello! how are you?

-just fine thanks!

he passted the book to Liam.

-Hi dear! Liam said to me

-Hi Liam!

he signed it and passted to Niall, and I started to be really nervous beacuse Niall was my favourite so I tried to be so calm I could.

Niall looked me in the eyes and wow his eyes was so wounderful, he gave me a sweet smile and looked down in my book to sign it.

-whats your name? he asked me but with his eyes still on the book.

-Emil, I answered.

I looked beside me and saw Sarah who was at Liam.

Niall handed me the book.

-Thanks Niall!

-It was nice to meet you love!

Oh my god Niall Horan called me love! Niall Horan called me love aaaahhhh!!!

I tride my best to not show him the screaming inside me.

I stepped aside so Sarah could meet Niall.

They said hello to eachother and Niall signed her book, he gave her the book and she took it.

She turned to me and gave me a 

Oh my god I am going to explode any second now!

face. But the boys couldn´t see it and I just returned it with a big but cute smile beacuse the boys could still see me.

We started to walk away but the somwone started to scream our names.

-Sarah, Emily wait! It was Niall.

We turned around and saw Niall, he run after us and stopped when came up to us

-you guys was the last one, and we need to wait half an hour before we are going to the next place so I wondered if you wanna stay and just talk?

We were shooked, One direction wanted to hang out with us! This must be a dream!

I was speechless, but then Sarah saved ous.

-Sure! said Sarah

-Cool, come on!

we followed Niall back to the boys.

Liam stretched out his hand,

-Hi I am Liam nice to meet you!

Sarah took his hand, why wouldn´t she Liam was her favourite.

-Hi yeah we know who you are, I started and looked at each of theme as I said their names,

-Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Jennifer!

All of the boys started to laugh and me and Sarah just stood their and giggled.

I have noticed that Niall have not stopped staring at me.

Oh just great! He probobly thought that I was a weirdo, how great!

The 30 minutes felt like 5 minutes and suddenly me and Sarah was back at my flat.

-AAAHHHH!!!!! we both screamed at the same time.

-Wait! Emily have you looked at the your book yet? Sarah asked me.

-No have you?

-nopp! she said plopping the p.

We walked to the kitchen table and oppend upp our books, and my jaw drooped and my eyes widned when I saw what Niall had wrote.

Hi Emiley it was nice to meet you and I wondered if you wanted to meet me again sometime?

my number is *********** xx

I couldent belive it, I showed Sarah it and she started to scream.

Should I call him or not?? Wait of course I should! But what if I got hurt? I was in a heartbreak for not so long ago. Why am I even think about it?! Of course I am going to call him! He is Niall freking Horan!

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