He chose me

I was at the One Direction concert with my best friend Ayla when suddenly it was time for the boys to choose a girl each to sing to on stage I could see all the girls faces super nervous I wasn't to phased if they didn't pick but then all of a sudden I see three boys racing each other in my direction did they want to choose me no don't be silly Tris.


6. Chapter 6


Harry's POV: 

The song started to play the whole time i couldn't help but stare at her. Her hair,  her face, her eyes and her bodddy.. she was like an angel sent from above to come and love me but nope it seems the devil stopped her and gave her to Niall in stead i wasn't pissed off at him i was just jealous and I'm pretty sure Liam was too!

Tris was my angel not Niall nor Liams i was gunna do whatever it takes to make her mine! The song was finally finished i didn't even look at the girl i was singing to i felt a bit bad but i don't think she cared haha. I saw Niall whisper something into Tris's ear and she laughed that should be me not Niall. i felt anger build inside of me my hands curled into fists.

Then he kissed her! HE-KISSED-HER!! my angel and it was on the lips everyone started awing but me and Liam just stood there with pissed off and jealousy faces. i then thought to my self I'm going to get her to be mine and mine only! Watch out Niall you won't be kissing her in the future.

"Your angry at him too?" i heard Liam say angry next to me. I just nodded. "we need to do something about it, after the party, oh shit why didn't i think of this before we should invite her to the party" Liam suggested smirking a little i was worried.

This girl is going to get hurt i could already tell.


A/N: hey my unicorns sorry i haven't updated in ages i got caught up with school and after school activities so i have had time to write anything so yeah but i will update a new chapter tonight, sorry its only a short chapter i promise you it will be longer and better haha :)

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