He chose me

I was at the One Direction concert with my best friend Ayla when suddenly it was time for the boys to choose a girl each to sing to on stage I could see all the girls faces super nervous I wasn't to phased if they didn't pick but then all of a sudden I see three boys racing each other in my direction did they want to choose me no don't be silly Tris.


4. Chapter 4

Zayn had picked a tall pale girl with really long curly red hair she was pretty i have to admit! Louis picked a short tanned girl with medium length hair it was beautiful dirty blonde i was jealous haha. I wonder who the other boys chose but then I saw three boys running in my direction they looked like they were racing each other to get to me but why would they choose me when there are over 20 thousand beautiful girls.

Harry reached me first then Niall then Liam they all stood there they said nothing so i said something "are you guys alright?" I didn't know what to say so I just asked a small simple question "do you-" Harry began to ask but then Liam interupted him "do you want-" but then Niall interupted them both "do you want to come up on stage with me?" he asked while giving me a sweet innocent smile I just nodded Harry and Liam seemed a little pissed off but hey I don't really care.


A/N - Hey my little unicorns just a quick we message what do you think should happen should Tris and Niall become and iteam, should Louis start to have feelings for Ayla I want to hear how you guys think the story should go! love you Bri xo

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