He chose me

I was at the One Direction concert with my best friend Ayla when suddenly it was time for the boys to choose a girl each to sing to on stage I could see all the girls faces super nervous I wasn't to phased if they didn't pick but then all of a sudden I see three boys racing each other in my direction did they want to choose me no don't be silly Tris.


3. Chapter 3

Tris's POV:

​After Harry and all the other boys left i realised that Ayla was no where to be seen I decided to look around when I finally found her I ran up to her "where have you been" I asked in a sorta annoyed but worried voice "i just went to starbucks I told you that" shit! thats right i was totally distracted by Harry "sorry i must of forgotten I'm just so excited haha" i lied a little I should probably tell her what happened but that can wait. The started letting people inside Ayla and I ran so we could get in quicker! The line was huge we could possibly miss the concert just standing in this line just waiting to get in!

*2 hours later

"FINALLY!" Ayla and I huffed out we were waiting in that line for two hours like seriously never again! "oh my god I can't wait can you?" Ayla asked me i just nodded i was to tired to reply to her with words.

We sat in our seats waiting for the concert to start girls were already crying woah they must love One Direction. Ayla looked like she was going to faint when she saw Louis come on stage i just started laughing she was so cute I reckon if he knew her like I did he would love her too bits.

*last song

It was the last song of the concert before they started to sing Zayn quickly said that they were going to choose a girl each to sing too, they all hopped off the huge stage and started choosing.


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