He chose me

I was at the One Direction concert with my best friend Ayla when suddenly it was time for the boys to choose a girl each to sing to on stage I could see all the girls faces super nervous I wasn't to phased if they didn't pick but then all of a sudden I see three boys racing each other in my direction did they want to choose me no don't be silly Tris.


2. Chapter 2

We arrived at the arena It was so big Ayla booked the best seats you can we weren't in the front row standing but we were sitting and could see them very clear Ayla couldn't stop screaming oh how much I love that girl. "Ayla are you alright?" I asked "i..itss OOOONNNNEEE DIREEECCCCTTTIIIOOOON" she was screaming! Ow my ears much then I realized they were walking around greeting fans then I made eye contact with THE Harry Styles just fucking great!

"Hi what's your name love" I heard someone say with a British accent I looked up and saw Harry standing I front of me, I didn't really freak out because if wasn't that phased I've met lots of famous people I'm really close with Ari! I stared into his eyes and said "Tris" I showed a small smile trying to be polite "I'm Harry" he gave me a small smile back just big enough to make his cute dimples visible stop it Tris he's just like any other boy.

Harry's POV:

I was walking outside with the boys greeting fans and then my eyes got distracted by a girl she was short and beautiful when she smiled it was like a million butterfly's fly around in my stomach I'm such a poetic person haha. I decided to walk over to her and ask her what her name was "Hi what's your name love" I said she took a little while to reply she looked up and I stared into her beautiful blue eyes "Tris" She replied showing a small smile she didn't seem to phased that I was Harry Styles which I liked "I'm Harry" I said while giving her a small smile back and then it got a little I saw Liam and Niall staring us then their body's started to move towards Tris and I when they finally reached us Liam spoke first "Harry who's this beautiful young lady" giving her a wink while saying it I felt anger inside me I liked her not him "yeah Harry who is this fine specimen" Niall said while smirking argh not him to, I had to reply but then Tris spoke first.

"Hello boys I'm Tris" her voice was beautiful too oh no I can't be falling for this girl she's too innocent I will ruin her but the thought of Liam or Niall having her in their arms made me furious I had to make sure none of us would ever see her! "Harry mate we have to go to sound check c'mon" Louis said hitting me in the balls I felt pain but then it went I quickly said bye to Tris "bye love nice to meet you" I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and when I was about to leave I saw Liam and Niall also give her a kiss on the cheek. C'mon Harry pull yourself together man she's just a girl!

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