He chose me

I was at the One Direction concert with my best friend Ayla when suddenly it was time for the boys to choose a girl each to sing to on stage I could see all the girls faces super nervous I wasn't to phased if they didn't pick but then all of a sudden I see three boys racing each other in my direction did they want to choose me no don't be silly Tris.


1. chapter 1

Well I don't really know how to start so I'm just gunna make it plain and simple by introducing myself! Hi my names Tris and I live in LA California. I live with my best friend Ayla we are both 18 she's got brown eyes with some green in then she's got short straight brown and blonde hair and is 6,0 cm tall yes she's a giant haha she has the fittest body ever I'm super jealous she started modeling 2 months ago she's so good at it! Now back to me, I'm 5,6 cm yes I know I'm short unlike miss Ayla I've always been short but it doesn't bother me I'm quite fit I excerise a lot though. I have long light purple hair and yes I did dye it I wasn't born with light purple haha weird! I have light blue eyes sometimes they look purple but meh doesn't bother me! I have a couple of freckles on my face well I think I've had enough telling you about myself and life haha.

"Ayla c'mon we are gunna be late if you don't hurry up" I was basically screaming at her, tonight was the night of the One Direction concert me and Ayla couldn't wait Ayla loved Louis I don't even know why he has a girlfriend. "Ayla i'm serious we need to go otherwise we will miss the intro" I didn't nessercarly like One Direction I only went because Ayla wanted to go and said she would pay for my ticket and I had nothing else to do so I said why not. "I'm leaving without

you if you don't come" I wouldn't leave without her I just wanted to make her hurry up. "Jesus I'm coming okay look all done" she sounded a bit annoyed but didn't bother I looked at what she was wearing she looked beautiful "you look beautiful Ayla" I said with affection "please don't flatter me" she said with a sarcastic voice we both broke out in laughter.

Aya's outfit - 


Tris's outfit -




A/N ~ hey my little unicorns so this is my new Novell I've just started writing stories so it's new but I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do haha make sure to like and favourite would really appriciate it thanks Bri xo

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