Unwanted.. || C.H

Lola is only 13 and already engaged to Calum Hood.
but then things happen which brake them apart.
what will happen when they meet again 5 years later?


1. Welcome Home Calum!!


"CALUM!!" I shouted as i ran towards him. He dropped his bags as i jumped in his arms. He spun me round and kissed me all over my face.

"I-kiss-missed-kiss-you-kiss-so-kiss-much" he said with my legs still wrapped round his waist.

He had been on tour for 6 months and i hadn't seen him once. We talked everyday and skyped once a week but it was never enough. I wanted him with me so i could cry into his shirt when the bully's hit me again. I have been ditching school nearly everyday. Just because i didn't have my cal-pal by my side.

"Shall we go home and cuddle?" He said while putting me down.

"Well we could but- and don't say i told you- but theres a small party at my house"

"YAY!! But can we cuddle after?!" He stuck out his bottom lip and stared into my eyes.

"Yes of corse!"

We left the airport and got home. Everyone was gathered round and as we walked into the house they shouted 'WELCOME HOME CALUM!!' We all partied and talked. Then everyone left and me ana Calum cuddled.

Amazing day.


Hey guys!!

So i hope you like the first chapter of my 2nd story.

Read my other story and i hope you enjoy!!


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