Unwanted.. || C.H

Lola is only 13 and already engaged to Calum Hood.
but then things happen which brake them apart.
what will happen when they meet again 5 years later?


7. Time Skip


Its been 5 years.

5 whole years since i have seen or spoken to cal.

I would see him on the news about 5sos but that's it.

I dropped out of school.

I got loads of piercings.( lip, belly button, ears, nose)

I ripped all my jeans.

I basically rebelled.

When me and cal told my family they went absolutely ballistic!! Throwing stuff. Shouting. Crying. After that they sent cal home, forbid me to see him and smashed my phone. After 2 months we moved back to England and we have been here since. I still have the ring though and i wear it everyday. But im finally 18 and can make my own decisions. So im moving to Australia. On my own. I am going to find cal and tell him i love him. Hopefully he still feels the same way.


Im just about to get on the plane to Australia.

I didn't bother to say bye.

They don't care about my happiness.

So why should i care about them.

But they know where i am if its urgent.

I know that 5sos are on a break from their tour so hopefully cal still lives in the same house.

The only thing is i look completely different.

More make up.

Different hair.

Different style.

Different personality.

I just hope he recognises me.


I just got to my new flat.

The flat that will be my home for however long.

My stuff is already here and i have money for a HUGE shopping spree!!!!

I just called for a cab and it should be here any minute to take me to cals house.

I know its quick but I'm not waisting anytime. He is the reason i came back to Australia so i shouldn't wait. Should i?


I finally arrived after what felt like a lifetime in the back of a cab.

I payed the driver and got out.

I slowly walked up to the door thinking.

What if he doesnt recognise me?

What if he forgot about me?

What if he found someone else?

I shook my head as i got to the big white door. I slowly put my shaky hand up and pressed the doorbell. Waiting for somebody to answer the door.

I was lost in my thoughts when the door swung open.

He stood there in shook and i watched as a tear rolled down his face.

'Lo-lo-lola?' The tears started pouring out as he said that. He remembers me.

I nodded and he hugged me really tight while both of us where sobbing into each other.

We pulled apart and i couldn't keep my eyes off his face.

'Your-your-your here' he said while still sobbing.

'I have waited 5 years in England to become 18 and move back here. I live on my own in a flat a while away.' I said trying my absolute hardest not to stutter.

He picked up my hands and saw i was wearing the ring.

'Your wearing the ring?' He said confused

'I wear it everyday' he smiled and hugged me.

'I love you so fucking much lola'

'I love you to cal'


A/N hope you enjoyed! Im so happy now that they are back together. And did you notice the link to 'Try Hard'?

I dropped out of school

Got loads of piercings.

I ripped my jeans.

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