Unwanted.. || C.H

Lola is only 13 and already engaged to Calum Hood.
but then things happen which brake them apart.
what will happen when they meet again 5 years later?


4. Swimming


I woke up and looked at the clock. 11:26. Good thing its summer break! I went downstairs and had some breakfast. Pancakes!! YUMMY!!!!. I walked back upstairs and went to my room. I checked my phone and i had a text from cal.

From: Cal is bæ

Hey baby, wanna do something today? We still need to figure out how to tell everyone!

To: Cal is bæ

Hey Cal, yeah sure. You wanna come round? We can go in the pool and talk about it? My parents are on a business trip so we are home alone :)

I put my phone on charge and got changed. I wore some high waisted ripped black skinny jeans with a white crop top. I straightened my hair and made it look like Ariana grandes hair. Next i done my make up. Foundation- blusher-winged eyeliner- bright red lipstick. Then i put on my jewellery. My cat necklace from my brother in England, my bracelets and finally my huge engagement ring. I put some perfume on and checked my phone.

From: Cal is bæ

Sure! I will be round in a minute :)

I was about to reply when i heard. KNOCK!! KNOCK!! I smiled to my self and ran downstairs. I opened the door to see cal shirtless with swimming trunks. I smiled and smashed my lips onto his. When we pulled away i invited him in and went into the kitchen. I opened the top cupboard and reached up. I put it on the counter just as cal walked in.


"Yes vodka and swimming is hilarious!"

"Whatever you say baby" he said as he came over and kisses me. We pulled away and took some shots. I only had about 5 and I'm already drunk.

"Race you to the pool!!" Cal was obviously drunk to. I had my bikini on underneath so i ran outside and started to undress. Me and cal have never seen each other naked before and a bikini is just like a bra and underwear. Once i was finished i turned round and saw cal staring at me. My boobs. My toned stomach. Other stuff...

"My eyes are up here doofus!" I said as i walked over to him. I kissed him and he pulled me in the pool with him. I swam over to him and we started making out.


A/N Hey guys! I hope you like the chapter!! Sorry its short but i got 11 likes so i had to update. I have a few questions.

Should i do a smut chapter?

How do i get pictures to show?

How can i get my story more popular?

Please comment answering these questions!!

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