Unwanted.. || C.H

Lola is only 13 and already engaged to Calum Hood.
but then things happen which brake them apart.
what will happen when they meet again 5 years later?


8. Lalam


I lay there in Calum's arms thinking about what to do now.

Are we even back together?

Are we going to get married?

Are we going to live together?

My thoughts were interrupted by the door slamming shut.

"Im home!" Someone shouted. Who was that? Is it his mum? Is it his girlfriend?

"Hey mum" PHEW!!!!

She came into the living room were me and Calum were cuddling . She saw me but carried on walking to the kitchen. She suddenly turned round and looked me straight in the eyes. She came running over to me and hugged me really tight.

Me and Cals mum used to be really close so her seeing me and acting this way wasn't surprising to me.

We sat around for hours just talking about what we have been up to.

"Shall we go upstairs?" Cal whispered in my ear.

"Well i have to get home. Cal you wanna come and see my new flat?" I said winking to him.

"Yeah sure" he said knowing what i meant. We said goodbye to Cals mum and hopped into Calum's car. After alot of driving around we finally got to my flat.

We got inside and it was quite a big place. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, huge living room with a huge kitchen.

I went to the bedroom and saw all my clothes in piles, a huge bed, an en suite, huge built in wardrobe. This place is truly huge!

I sat on the bed and cal came and sat down next to me. He snaked his arm round my waist and i pit my head on his shoulder.

"What do we do now cal?" I asked thinking about earlier.

"Well we could sleep or have s-" i cut him off

"No i mean about us like what do we do now?"

"Well i dunno, i mean we are back together right?"

"Well hopefully! But i just keep thinking all these different things"

"Like what?"

"Well are we going to married at some point because i still have this ring and i wear it everday" i gestured to the ring on my finger.

"We could get married"

"Are you being serious?" I said super excited.

"Yeah! Lets get married!!" We were now facing each other on the bed.

"LETS GET MARRIED!!!!" I shouted. And we hugged for about 5 minutes but then cal pulled away.

"We should probably do this properly" he said pointing to the ring. I took in off and gave it to cal. I then watched as he got on the bed and got on one knee. The tears started spilling out of me eyes.

"Lola anderson, will you do the honour of being my wife?" I nodded.

"YES!!" He slide the ring onto my finger and i attacked him with a hug.

That night we had sex as a newly engaged couple.


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