Unwanted.. || C.H

Lola is only 13 and already engaged to Calum Hood.
but then things happen which brake them apart.
what will happen when they meet again 5 years later?


9. 5 months on


5 months later

So cal is on tour with the boys (obvs!) and a lot has gone on.

Me and cal arraigned a date for the wedding! (20.03.2017)

We moved in together.

We got a labrador puppy called diamond because her eyes are diamond blue.

And finally. Last month I went to a party and got drunk and these guys were hassling me on the way home ( i was walking on my own because it was down the street) then i wouldn't have sex with them so they beat me up and raped me. I wont go into the details but i may or may not of broke my arm. And i may also be pregnant.

I haven't told cal because i don't want to worry him and i know he would come home but i cant do that to the fans. He is back tomorrow so its okay.

The next day

I have been ill in bed all day and cals plane is landing about now so im going to text him.

To Cal is bae

Hey baby, im in bed ill but we have to talk when you get here. Sorry. I love you xxxx

He texted me back about 10 minutes later.

From Cal is bae

Hey, its okay babe, i just got bombarded with fans. Im in the cab. See you soon. I love you too! Xxxx

From Cal is bae

Wait is everything okay? Did i do something wrong? Whats happened? Who's hurt you? Xx

To Cal is bae

Okay. Its not about you! Im fine well kinda but we will talk when you get here. Xxxx

From Cal is bae

Sorry just got worried. I thought you was breaking up with me! Just pulled into our street xx

To Cal is bae

NEVER! See ya in a minute baby xx

I heard the door open and cal shout 'I'm home'. I heard fast footsteps up the stairs and watched as my door slowly crept open.

"Hey babe" cal said hurrying over.

"Hey baby" he got in the bed next to me and i moved up a bit. Im still not comfortable with guys. Even my fiancé.

"Babe, whats wrong?" Cal said concern spreading his face and tumbling out his mouth with his words.

"I-i need to-to t-tell you some-something" i couldn't say my words properly as the memories came flooding back.

"Anything babe" he touched my arm and i flinched.

I told him everything. Every little detail. From the street name to how they smelled. He started crying and so did i. But i didn't tell him about the possible baby

"Cal d-don't cry"

"I-i was-wasn't h-here to-to help y-you"

"Theres o-one m-more th-thing c-cal"


"I may be pregnant"


A/N sorry i havent updated! I have alot of homework!

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