Life As A Single Young Mom

Jullianna is a single young mom. Her boyfriend said he couldn't handle the responsibilities and even though he pays child support julli's mom still hates him and refuse to even try to help the already struggling daughter with her daughter. Her father is the willing one to help with the weight on his daughters shoulders. Will anything ever please anyone?


2. Story behind how I got pregnant

So  it mostly started off at a party. My friend Danielle invited me to. I just wanted to get out of the house for a bit since I only have been out to go to work and school lately. There was tons of boys from the surrounding schools that had heard of the party and decided to come hook up with some of the girls from our school. The guy who got me pregnant name was asher. He lead me upstairs cause he wanted to talk to me and get to know me. We started making out then not long after that we ended up having sex. He gave me his number and we decided to hook up and get together cause we had so much in common. I never even thought for a moment that I would get pregnant to a guy basically on a one night stand. We didn't use protection but I counted on my birth control to keep me from having a baby. I wasn't sexually active before I had the birth control to try and regulate my period because I had really heavy ones and painful. Clearly that didn't work because I still ended up with a little baby.

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