Life As A Single Young Mom

Jullianna is a single young mom. Her boyfriend said he couldn't handle the responsibilities and even though he pays child support julli's mom still hates him and refuse to even try to help the already struggling daughter with her daughter. Her father is the willing one to help with the weight on his daughters shoulders. Will anything ever please anyone?


1. Intro.

Hey guys so my name is jullianna I have a little girl named skylar or sky for short. I am a teen mom yes I know oh my god I got pregnant at 15. Anyways I am 16 now thank you and my little princess is 1 month and 1 week old. I am currently attending a online schooling program to allow me to finish high school on track or early which I am going for early cause I wanna succeed for my little girl. People talked shit about me my whole 9th grade year and then when they found out I was pregnant they started worse rumors and let me say they wasn't true nor pretty. I was called slut daily and told I didn't know who my baby's dad was better yet I had to go live with my grandma for 2 weeks while my parents " sorted it out". Anyways they let me move back but that had consequences to it I had to pay 20 dollars in rent every month and I could only do certain things they also forced me to file for child support after sky was born and her dad was sorta coming around till they made me do that then he basically said fuck you you just wanted our baby for the money. My real dad on the other had was like if he is around why is your mom making him do that but anyways. I used to do cheer and all then I had sky which really was a good thing cause I had started drugs and all and needed to get off them so when I found out I was pregnant I got help immediately and not many teens would do that even if there was a baby involved. I was in love with my daughter form the minute I found I was pregnant till now. I breastfeed her cause they say it's best and I really just don't have the money for formula cause like I got the reusable breastpads and then most the money goes towards baby clothes or diapers and wipes and I buy sorta expensive wipes so yeah. I'm really scared for the future last night I heard my parents discussing kicking me out and keeping skylar which is not happening cause my baby is not living with my mom and step-dad I would never dream of that in a thousand years. I have already contacted my dad and started packing since he said that he had to spare rooms and me and her could have our own rooms which she would be in a bassinet in my room till she could no longer be in one clearly then move to her crib. Anyways I am just tiered of them.

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