Life As A Single Young Mom

Jullianna is a single young mom. Her boyfriend said he couldn't handle the responsibilities and even though he pays child support julli's mom still hates him and refuse to even try to help the already struggling daughter with her daughter. Her father is the willing one to help with the weight on his daughters shoulders. Will anything ever please anyone?


3. how I found out and told people

It had been 2 weeks since the party and I just wasn't feeling like my self but I brushed it off since it was getting close to time to my period. Like 3 weeks later though I realized I didn't have a period the month before and that I was late. I told danielle since she is my best friend and she asked me if I had sex. At first I denied because I was to scared to either be judged or be told I might be pregnant. But she knows me better then anyone else and knew that I was lying to her and she called me out on it. She told me that I needed to go buy some tests to see cause the sooner I found out the better. I told her I couldn't cause I didn't want to be stared at by a bunch of people. Danielle decided that she would go in and all that and get the test. She doesn't care what people have to say about anything and it a really open person about anything anyways. She came back with 2 different kinds of test. I took all three of them and all but 1 came up negative. So I didn't think that I could be because 2 of 3 was negative. But clearly I was I went to the doctor and they confirmed it and I started crying there and freaked out. I ended up calling my mom on my way home and telling her. I then told my dad in person that weekend when I went to his house. I called the baby's dad and thats when the rumors and stories started. He went around telling everyone I was pregnant with a teacher and all this other stuff like it was my dads baby to I have heard it all probably. I didn't really tell many people obviously the way my grandma found out was my mom and My real and only true friend was there when I found out.

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