Shadowed Veins

In youth, love takes on many turns unexpectedly- the passions of the heart flow with intensity in new ways, ineffable and left only for hindsight to interpret. When one young teenager falls in love with a beautiful girl, he is prepared for a lot to deal with. What happens, however, he couldn't predict.


5. Launch the Avalanche

            I kick around Matt’s poorly-put idea in my head, and decide that ultimately he’s right. There’s no reason I can’t give something a shot, right? I mean, worst case scenario- “No, I’m sorry.” Best case scenario- “I mean, sure.” Call me pessimistic, but I prefer realistic. So after a few periods have passed, I am walki ng to my locker before lunch and notice Eura taking a few things out of her locker. I stop in my tracks and realize what is happening inside of me. My heart picks up speed, I get suddenly dizzy, my stomach slowly drops deep down, my eyes are darting back and forth, and my breath becomes shallow. I’m quite nervous suddenly. Not that I’m scared to talk to girls, but this girl, yeah, I’m a little anxious to talk to. I mean, she’s so beautiful, so amazing.

            I quickly fix my hair, hoping that its good enough, and I walk my way up to her. Heart races, I feel it slowly scream inside, picking up pace, wanting nothing more than to jump out of my body. Ten feet. The world is so loud, so much noise, and I can’t help but lose track of my thoughts in the noise. Five feet. I stop and say “Hey, Eura?”

            The world goes quiet.

            She turns and looks at me, and smiles brightly. “Hey, Evan?”

            “It’s Berlin. Nice to meet you.”

            “Nice to meet you.” I could swear I’m falling in love right now. Her eyes are bluer than I could see before. She smells beautiful, a scent so sweet I could spend hours smelling it. I can’t talk to really pretty girls because then I say dumb things such as ‘I could spend hours smelling her.’

            “Uh, I was wondering, with Winter formal coming up soon, and all of that, if you had a date? Or, I mean, would you like to go with me?” Sweating on the inside.

            “Oh, I would love to, but Jason Mars asked me over the weekend. Sorry, I would but, you know.”

            Crushed. “Oh, yeah, no it’s fine. If you’d like to hang out or anything, just say what’s up.”

            “Okay. Can I have your number?”


            “Yeah, yeah, of course!” I grab a piece of paper from my folder and scribble my number onto it. “Send me a message whenever. I’m usually around.” Don’t be desperate. Do not be desperate.


            “If you have any free time, I’d like to hang.” Don’t be desperate.

            “I’m free tomorrow?”

            YES. “Okay, that’s fine, we can get together. We can go for a movie or something? I’ll pick you up?”

            “Sure. We’ll talk after school about it and stuff. Nice to meet you, Berlin.”

            “Yeah, nice to meet you too, Eura.” Marry me?

            And like that, she closes her locker and begins to walk away, but just before rounding the corner she looked back at me.


            “You do remember that we are supposed to go to the mall tomorrow, right?” Matt reminded me.

            “Oh, yeah. Up for a double date?”

            Cameron came to sit down with us for lunch. “What’s goin on guys?”

            “Germany’s got a babe. That pretty blonde Eura.”

            “Which one’s that?”

            “Seriously, Cam? Are you stoned stupid? The pretty blonde Germ’s been staring at for nearly a year now. The one he has a statue of in his closet.”

            “Screw off, Matt. I don’t own a closet, prick.”

            Cam looks at me very seriously for a second before asking “You gonna score?”

            “Cam, I don’t care. It’s a double date, either way, so not like I could even if I wanted.”

            “Don’t you want to? It’s okay. If you don’t, I’ll do it. I volunteer as tribute.” Cam is known in our group of friends as the pervert.

            “Shove it, kid. Germ, let’s double date, and you owe me.”


            “This means I have to spend another day with Maria, and by god I hate her.”

            Cam and I glance at each other, $20 on our minds.

            “Alright, I’ll pay you back somehow, as long as you help me through this tomorrow.”


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