Shadowed Veins

In youth, love takes on many turns unexpectedly- the passions of the heart flow with intensity in new ways, ineffable and left only for hindsight to interpret. When one young teenager falls in love with a beautiful girl, he is prepared for a lot to deal with. What happens, however, he couldn't predict.


1. Foreword

This novel contains a fictional story involving a sequence of events not appropriate to all who read: discretion is advised. This novel will be updated on a weekly basis, the first actual chapter being posted on 24 January 2015.


This is my first serious attempt at a novel. I come from a background of writing poetry for 13+ years with probably 500 or more written and saved somewhere, as well as 9 years of writing songs, with about 100 saved. I'm not well trained in writing novels, but these chapters will be written well in advance and planned out, reread, edited, and finalized well before published on here. Any criticism will be taken seriously, and all efforts will be made to make this project better.


One very, very important note: some ideas in this novel are based off of my own life, but only in a very, very abstract sense. The events that occur in this novel are not based on any personal experiences I have gone through nor any desire to go through such a situation. This is, again, a work of fiction, and to steal an idea from John Green, if we are to pretend that this must be based off of real life, we defeat the strength that fictional stories possess.


To reiterate: This is a work of fiction and is not a reflection of my personal life nor any desires I have nor anybody else that I personally know. Any relation to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and is pointless to extrapolate from this writing. Thank you.


-Brodi, AKA PoptartPounder

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